We’re already a month into the new year. Maybe you’ve been lax on your resolutions, but there’s still time yet!

It’s New Year’s Eve, the countdown has begun, and you wait with bated breath for the fireworks to light up the nights sky. As you count down from ten and wait to open that bottle of champagne, you vow that come tomorrow, you will stop smoking. Well a month goes by, and January one of the biggest slogs of a month after the comedown from Christmas and terrible weather has you still smoking tobacco. You may think you’ve failed in your new year aims, but the reality is that there’s still the rest of the year to finally quit for good.

So, what can you do to up your chances of quitting for good? Vape devices have been this decade’s shining light on this front, with more people than ever swapping tar and carbon monoxide for far cleaner water vapour. Here are some of the reasons why they have become such a popular alternative.


Due to the new TPD laws which came out last year, there have been a lot of stringent taxes and restrictions put onto the selling tobacco products. In a national bid to cut down the number of smokers in society, there has been a major hike in prices as well as a cut down on packaging design to make the habit as unappealing to first timers as possible. On the flipside vaping, although affected somewhat by the TPD law changes, has retained a steady price which is still less than the related tobacco products. Whilst there have been restrictions on the size of refill cartridges and tanks, this has not changed the price of vape juice.

Far more sociable

Have you noticed how many areas now, in the workplace, in public spaces, have specifically designated smoking areas? Have you also noticed how in offices, vaping is welcomed, rather than taking a cigarette break? Whilst vaping has its own rules of etiquette, they are looked upon with far less weariness than cigarettes. This is in part due to them being safe for passive smoking. Whilst there are a small number of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde present in reduced quantities in vapor, there is still no harmful chemicals in the exhale. This means passersby won’t breathe in anything dangerous to the body and so vaping is largely seen as a far more sociable alternative.

98 percent safer according to the NHS

Although there is still far more to be done, there has been a substantial amount of research done into vaping and its related vape juice in the UK.This means that we know far more about the potential dangerous effects of vaping alongside the many benefits. One of these studies amassed evidence which concluded that compared to smoking, vaping is 98 percent safer. This conclusion was even used by the NHS in their last Stoptober campaign. The fact that this was used by the NHS in their anti-smoking campaign just goes to show how much backing is behind it, legitimizing the hobby manifold over its health damaging tobacco counterpart.

Heat not burn

And why is it that vaping is safer than smoking? Part of the answer is in the fact that vaping is a heat not burn inhalation product. Whilst tobacco requires the smoker to light the tobacco with fire and inhale the brunt products, vaping merely heats and evaporates water-based e-liquids. Many of the dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke are unlocked since it is burnt, not evaporated. The heat not burn element of vaping is also safer due to the lack of a live spark. Cigarettes are thought to cause over a third of fire related deaths in the home and that alone is enough reason to give up smoking all together.

Can reflect your character

One benefit of the e-cigarette is that there are so many variations in regard to style, shape and design. Whilst a cigarette will most likely look the same, whatever the company, there is so much to choose from in e-cigarettes. What’s more, many vape juices come with collectible bottles, many making the most out of artist’s. This means that a whole new avenue of income has opened for artists, whilst the bottles and flavours themselves retain their own character, not just in taste but in design.

So much choice!

And that’s the great thing; with so much choice out there, you can find a range of devices which are sure to float your boat. Whether you’re into sweet or savory, direct to lung vape inhales, strong throat hits or high nicotine content, you could try a different vape variation and have a different experience every day of the year. That’s the beauty of vaping, the possibilities are endless!

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