Now that vaping has been established in the modern world as more popular than smoking, it’s not surprising that so many alternatives have appeared in recent years. Heat not burn devices have recently become incredibly popular among ex-smokers who are looking for a safer alternative to their fire-based nicotine hit. With more and more creative ways to vape, heat not burn seems to offer a new and exciting way to vape, but in a different way to e liquids. But if you’re already vaping, is heat not burn going o elevate your experience, or are you better off sticking to your UK e cigarette?

What is heat not burn?

Heat not burn devices use dry leaf tobacco sticks, sort of like neutered cigarettes, which are slotted into the device and heated up. Instead of being burnt by a flame like a cigarette would be, heat not burn devices do just that: heat the flavoured stick in a manner not unlike e cigarettes. This is then inhaled through devices like the IQOS. This way, none of the pollutants are released from burning and inhaling tobacco.

Why has it become so popular?

One of the main reasons that heat not burn devices have become so popular is that many tobacco companies including Phillip Morris have been trying to curb their tobacco selling habits. In a bid to rebrand themselves, many tobacco companies are selling their tobacco through heat not burn alternatives, ensuring that they remain in business and change the way they’re seen by the public.

To some, heat not burn may be a positive change, effectively moving towards a more health-conscious future. Of course, other more cynical critics view the change as merely a way to stay in business, a compromise of sorts that doesn’t force them to sell full-fledged vape liquids.

Should I replace my e cigarette with a heat not burn device?

So, if you’re already vaping but heat not burn devices have caught your eye, is it worth putting down the pen and heading to the heat not burn aisle?

Less of a throat hit

One aspect of heat not burn devices that might put off the vaping veteran is that they give you less of a throat hit. Whilst sub ohm devices give you a heavy clout of cloud, you’ll find the heat not burn device to be far smoother in its output.

In this sense, heat not burn devices are more akin to smoking than they are to vaping. With the earthy flavours of the tobacco being heated through to your taste buds, you won’t get the same “true” tobacco flavours in e liquids. Of course, this comes down to personal preference, but if you are looking for an authentic tobacco taste in your vaping experience, then heat not burn devices reign supreme.

Less choice of flavours

That being said, the heat not burn flavour range is far more limited than the wide range of e liquids available. With e liquids melding a great many different flavours and often being able to imitate desserts, childhood sweets and even pizza, the more adventurous flavour connoisseur may opt for the e cig.

Less power flexibility

With many vape devices, you have control over the wattage, voltage and temperature of your inhale. On the other hand, heat not burn devices, like the more primitive vape pens and cigalikes, keep things simple for the ex-smoker. This makes them a great alternative for anyone who might feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of choice in e cigarettes.

Should I give up vaping for heat not burn devices?

Considering the facts, it seems that heat not burn devices are a great option for ex-smokers looking to retain some of the sensation from smoking but might not suit the heavy vaper who is used to more personalisation and flexibility in their nicotine intake.

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