One of the great things about vaping is that you can vape almost anywhere and not have to worry about pollution and breaking the law. Of course, there are exceptions where it is seen as bad manners, but more often than not, you won’t feel as guilty about vaping as you would when smoking in a public space. That being said, vaping in confined spaces for prolonged periods of time might lead to an irksome problem: window residue. Whether in your car or your bedroom, vaping your favourite e cig liquid inside for longer periods may lead to a build up of thin film over your window. Much like condensation, this can impede visibility whilst driving and also lead to more dirt building up in your home. So why does this build up occur, and how can you defend against it?

What causes the build up?

The vape residue which you find on your car or homes window is almost completely made from the vegetable glycerine in your vape liquid. Vegetable glycerine is added to e liquids to add thickness and increase the density of your cloud. As an organic compound which is used in vape liquid to up the viscosity, it is a crucial component in the vape mix, but can lead to window dirt building up in confined spaces.

How do I stop the build up?

The problem with window residue from vaping is that you won't notice it until you notice it. That may seem simple, but it is not one of the most focus pulling problems facing vapers. That it is why it is always wise to take precautions so as to prevent it. Out of sight and out of mind is a phrase which is only useful up to a point.

Open your windows when vaping

One of the simplest steps you can take to ensure you don’t build up residue on your window is to leave it open when vaping. Creating more of an airflow through your home will ensure that there is much less possibility of a residue building up. Whatever the size of your room, giving yourself more breathing space when vaping will be beneficial regardless of window build up, ensuring that a particularly potent smelling e juice doesn't linger unwanted.

Regularly clean your windows

Again, this is another domestic tip which stretches beyond vape residue defence and into logical thinking. Regularly cleaning your windows, whether in your car or at home, will give it a little more sparkle, and will improve visibility. There are plenty of household glass cleaners you can buy from many shops on the high street, ensuring that there is plenty of choice.

Use a higher PG vape juice

Lessening the amount of vegetable glycerine in your vape juice will decrease the size of your vape cloud and therefore decrease the amount of residue which could accumulate. A PG heavy vape liquid ratio will mean that there is less cloud production but an enhanced taste and throat hit. These vape juices are also perfect for the car due to less vapour clouding up the driver’s seat, which can obviously be very dangerous indeed. If you want some advice on high PG vape juices, ask our customer service assistants at our Folkestone vape shop.

Use a vape device with lower cloud production

Much like with the higher PG vape devices, going for a smaller vape pen or pod mod rather than a sub ohm device will mean that there is less vapour produced on the exhale. If you want to preserve your windows whilst driving, then try a pod mod or vape pen device which works at a lower wattage.

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