New Vaping Documentary Exposes the Lies About Electronic Cigarettes

According to the renowned filmmaker, Aaron Biebert, vaping has the potential to save a billion lives. However, he realised that the media and Big Pharma are spreading unprecedented lies, that could actually ruin the electronic cigarette industry before the world could reach its full potential. That is why he chose to come up with a new documentary known as "A Billion Lives."

The filmmaker chose to create "A Billion Lives" because he realised that some scientists were spreading more lies than truth about electronic cigarettes. When the New England Journal of Medicine published a scientific study showing how electronic cigarettes had more formaldehyde than tobacco cigarettes, vapers were concerned that electronic cigarettes were worse than tobacco cigarettes.

Fortunately, in just a few weeks, another scientist thwarted the possibility of formaldehyde, saying the research was conducted on the false premise of overheating the liquid, which vapers normally don't do. In addition, it is not just one untrustworthy study that is doing harm to the electronic cigarette market, there are many, and the general public rarely research whenever they hear such lies. They tend to believe everything in the media, which has quickly developed a false reputation on the electronic cigarette.

Today, there is so much animosity between vaping advocates and anti-vaping forces. It is therefore important for leaders and politicians to come out of the fray and focus on the facts. The media have failed the public by only focusing on negative stories about vaping that are often incorrect.

Biebert assures the public that the documentary he is about to release will provide the information they desperately need right now. The filmmaker says: he is not against vaping or smoking, but he wants the public to get the right information so that they can make their own choices.

If the Big Tobacco companies acknowledge that electronic cigarettes are safer that traditional cigarettes, then who is behind all these electronic cigarette myths we constantly hear? In fact, the anti-vaping advocates have the addiction for money and they are sacrificing the public health in pursuit for it.

Let's shun the myths and save a billion lives in this century!


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