The Public Health, England this week recommended that electronic cigarettes should be given smokers who cannot kick the tobacco habit through the NHS. The officials argue that over 76,000 lives could be saved annually in UK if traditional cigarette smokers would switch to using electronic cigarettes. They said that vaping is about 95 per cent safer that smoking and electronic cigarettes could be a game changer in the fight against smoking related diseases and deaths.

In certain areas in England, physicians are already recommending electronic cigarette as a safer alternative to a few victims. Hopefully, if electronic cigarettes are licensed properly in the UK, all doctors will be able to recommend vaping as a sure treatment for smoking addictions. The public health officials in England believe that electronic cigarettes will be soon be available for free via the NHS, and doctors are urged to prescribe them to tobacco cigarette users.

The Public Health England director of health and wellbeing, Professor Kevin Fenton, said that even though electronic cigarettes are not completely risk free, using them is still a positive step. When electronic cigarettes are compared to tobacco cigarettes, evidence shows that they carry a fraction of the harm. He said smoking is the number one killer in the UK and the best thing a person can do is to quit smoking completely now and forever.

Unfortunately, people increasingly think that electronic cigarettes are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes: keeping millions of smokers from quitting. Fenton believes that if electronic cigarettes are officially licensed, it will boost the confidence of the public using them as a smoking cessation tool.

Currently, vaping is outlawed in so many public places in the UK and that make it difficult for doctors to pass them out to patients. Wouldn't it be a better option if the bans were lifted and the public were informed of the differences between smoking and vaping so that they felt more comfortable when electronic cigarettes are used in their presence?

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