Vaping has increased in popularity over the past half a decade, in part due to extensive research into the benefits it has in cutting down the harmful substances found in tobacco. It goes without saying then, that people should be aware of what goes into them and just how the technology works. Like Shisha Pipes, vaping runs on water vapour which vapers inhale into their lungs, but where it differs to traditional water based devices is that it doesn’t use fire or tobacco in the burning process. So, if that’s the case, how does a vape work and how can you make sure that you have full control over your E-cigarettes adjustable settings. It’s one thing owning the Best E-Cig UK but it’s quite another to know how to master it.

E-Cigs – The main ingredients

The main parts of an e-cigarette include the mouthpiece, drip-tip, tank, atomizer, sometimes called a clearomizer and the battery. The mouthpiece and drip tip are the part of the vape from which you take in the e-liquid. There are many mouth pieces you can purchase which are adjustable and let you take in as much vape as you want, depending on your preference. This is one of the benefits of vaping; not only can you adjust the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, but you can adjust how you vape. On top of this there is a complex system in place which allows you to smoke without the dangers of fire based tobacco smoke like that found in hookah pipes.

How the atomizer works

Not everyone will be as in touch with technology as those who create vapes. They’re an innovative piece of technology which have taken years to reach the level it’s at today, and even with that they are continuing to be perfected. One of the main parts of the e-cigarette which people should pay extra attention to the quality of, is the atomizer. Within this, is where the process of turning e-liquid into vapour takes place. Just how this works is simpler than you may think. Once the liquid inside the vape is hot enough, usually between 100 and 250C, it begins to vaporise. The atomizer has within it a soft wick which absorbs the liquid and makes sure that the amount of liquid near the coil inside it. This regulates the amount of liquid burnt, prolonging the tanks contents. The coil heats due to an electrical charge when in use, heating up the liquid and therefore turning it into vapour. This controlled reaction in the vape comes down to the fact that the electric current flows through the conductor, in this case, the atomizer coil.

Understanding Ohms Law

This takes us to Ohms Law. Ohms Law is the reason why the vapes power is measured in Ohms and voltage and is crucial to understanding and picking the power of your vape.

When an electric current flows, the charged particles move through the conductor and collide with other atoms within it, causing more difficulty of flow, known as resistance and measured in “Ohms”. So the current times the resistance basically equals the potential difference, or volts. The higher the current (or amps), the higher powered the vape device as this will increase how strong the vape output is. The heating coil or atomizer produces vapour because the electrical resistance, measured in Ohms creates heat and vaporises the e-liquid. The power, or wattage of the vape device controls the vapes output but also how fast the vape juice is used. Always make sure that you check your vape devices maximum wattage, as overcharging your vape device can destroy and even explode it.

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