Vaping brings with it a whole new world of smoking technology as well as a complex range of technological innovations which have never before been seen. On top of these, vaping continues to evolve as new techniques and technological advances sweep the globe with the help of more efficient energy. You’d be forgiven then, for making a few mistakes when vaping. Vaping and smoking vape juice can take a while to get to grips with and the laws surrounding it have only started to take effect in the last few years due to how a young a trend it is. Therefore we’ve compiled some of the mistakes that first time vapers may find they make, and how to remedy these.

Vaping on low battery

Vapes need to be recharged and some more often than others. Making sure that your vape device is fully charged can be the difference between a nicotine craving and ultimate satisfaction. All vape devices run on battery and can either be charged via a plug socket or through a USB device. Recharging your batteries varies on how powerful your vape is, some running on more batteries or watts than others. Your vaping habits and regularity of smoking can also play a part in how much battery you need. Like your phone, charge your vape device daily.

Dry hits

A dry hit is smoking a cartridge which has run out, leading to sucking on mere water vapour and heat. These can be incredibly hot and can lead to the vaper choking and coughing and can be extremely unpleasant. To avoid this, always make sure that you have juice to refill your vape device with. Dry hits are also a waste of battery.

Nicotine sickness

When people try their first cigarette they often feel that wave of nausea, this is usually due to the sudden intake of more nicotine than they’re used to as. You smoke more, you begin to need more nicotine and get a sense of satisfaction when you smoke, itching that craving. This is of course an addiction and many try to curb it by vaping. You can get up to 20 mg of nicotine per vape nowadays, although DIY vapers can add more to their concoctions. This does mean that you ca get too high a dose of nicotine if you’re not careful or new to vaping, leading to symptoms such as headaches and nausea and in some cases, vomiting.


Like smoking, vaping can make you dehydrated. Your mouth lets out saliva when inhaling the vapour due to the tasty flavours, and this can make you thirsty. This is ironic due to the fact that vape is made of water vapour and so would be assumed not to make the user thirsty. Make no mistake though; drink plenty of water whilst enjoying your vape juice.

Vape tongue

Vape tongue is a dreaded phenomenon which can occur when you use one flavour for too long. It is almost like a resistance to that flavour, your taste buds get used to it and you lose the sensitivity and the full flavours you used to love. This can affect the taste buds generally as well, not only in the numbing of certain flavours but the taste buds generally. This can in part be due to excessive heat from the vape and can be rectified by vaping at a lower temperature.

Maxing out your power

There have been times when vape devices have caused fires due to their batteries exploding or a vape device being given more power than it can take. Most run at 200 watts and users should always follow the instructions for charging their devices.

Vape juice

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