New To Vaping? Here’s An Essential List Of Equipment

So, you’vemade the choice to switch to vaping. What now? First things first, you need toprocure some essential equipment…but what exactly is ‘essential’?

Well, everyuser is different! Each vaper has different expectations and consequently mightbe inclined to buy different items. Nonetheless, all vapers need certain fundamental components in order to getstarted. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to learn the vocabulary andunderstand how your vaping device works and what it needs to stay operational.

Think ofthis list as a crash course in vaping.

Vaping tank

Naturally,you need a device that will hold the liquid and house all parts of the heatingmechanism.

In theearly days, vaping tanks were small, simple and shaped like regular cigarettes,but now, we’re starting to see more and more diversification. More advancedmodels may even allow you to adjust temperature and power, so investing in atop-shelf tank is probably a good idea.

But,regardless of the size or colour of your tank, the most important instructionis to get a TPD compliant tank thatmeets all health and safety regulations.

E juice

Your vapingtank can’t do anything unless it’s filled with e cig liquid containing nicotine and flavouring additives.

As theliquid is heated, the vapour is produced and released through the mouthpiece.There are currently dozens ofdifferent liquids in the market, from fizzy soda flavours to fruity options. Most users decide on a singleflavour and stick with it for a while, but others like to try out differentpossibilities before settling on a favourite brand.

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Coils and wicks

Inside thevaping pod, the liquid is transferred into the wicks, which are in contact withcoils capable of transforming electricity into heat. To avoid a science lesson,here’s what you need to know: without properly functioning coils and cleanwicks, it’s impossible to vaporise the vaping juice.

Gettinghigh-quality wicks and coils goes a long way towards ensuring that every vapingsession is smooth and that you don’t have any issues with your equipment. Keepin mind that over time, wicks may get dirty or lose direct contact with thecoils, meaning you may have to clean or replace these parts over time.

Batteries and chargers

Just likeyour cell phone’s battery needs to be charged, so does your vape’s.

After all,electric power is the driving force behind the entire vaping mechanism. Ifyou’re a frequent vaper, that means you’ll want to keep your device charged atall times.

While most models come with built-in batteries,it might be worth having a replacement at the ready, just in case. Top tip: pay attention to the specifics of yourdevice, so that your backup battery and charger are compatible with it.

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