Are Box Mods The Same Thing As A Vaping Battery? Not Quite!

As vaping gets more popular around the world, therange of equipment is expanding.

New types of vapepods are flooding the market, and they come in a lot of different sizes anddesigns. Innovation is certainly a good thing, but all the novelties can causesome bewilderment with consumers who are unsure about all the fancy new names.One common misunderstanding is related to the difference between ‘box modvaping tanks’ and ‘battery tanks’. These device types have some similarities,causing inexperienced users to confuse them.

If you are thinking about getting a new vaping tank ofthe latest generation, you should probablylearn how to recognise each of these types:

What are box mods?

Generally speaking, box mods are advanced vapingdevices that allow the user to customise almost every feature.

With this device, it’s possible to control power andtemperature very precisely, so users can get exactly the taste and feel theywant. Boxmods appeared during the period of worldwide growth of thevaping industry, but they were initially aimed at hardcore enthusiasts thatwanted to maximise their experience.

These days, more and more users are interested ingetting a box mod tank, causing the manufacturers to launch many more models.

Do box mods contain a battery?

Absolutely – a battery is one of the most essentialcomponents of any high-end vaping device, including box mods.

However, some tanks equipped with batteries lack thecustomisation options typical for the former type, and are better described bythe name ‘vaping batteries’. In some cases, those devices contain nothing butthe battery and coils, so they can actually be very basic and compact.

Because of this, the presence of a battery should notbe taken as an indication that the tank you are considering can match theperformance of a true box mod.

What type of vaping device is better?

Clearly, if you want to enjoy the finest taste of e-cigjuice, you should look for a solid box mod tank that willprovide you with an opportunity to control the vaping process directly. Thistype of a tank also tends to stay functional for a long time, as it packs verypowerful batteries Due to improved availability of box mods, they are nowconsidered the gold standard of quality in the industry, and users have grownaccustomed to the convenience of customised vaping

Where to get a box mod vaping tank?

Online shops and storefronts throughout the UK willsell these vaping accessories, but our selection of box mods and vaping tanksis quite extensive. Visit our vapeshop in Southend or shop online (same-day shipping for customers inLondon!) for the best brands at the best prices.

Take the time to readthe product descriptions carefully and consider trying both a box mod and a vaping tank to see which youprefer. Everyone is different!

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