After vaping for enough time, you start learning about the finer intricacies behind creating the ideal amount of smoke. Perhaps at first, it won’t be something you’re interested in. You purchased your e-cigarette so you could enjoy the pleasure of smoking while immersing yourself in different flavours. 

You didn’t necessarily buy your vaping products so that you can play with the amount of smoke you create. With that said, after enough time, you’ll notice that creating sizable clouds of vapour will only become more enticing.

So what can you do to increase the vapour production from your device? For one, you’ll have to consider which clearomiser you use. You then also want to set your airflow settings so that they’re optimised for maximum clouds.

What is Vapour?

Interestingly, when you exhale, you’re not exhaling “vapour”. Rather, you’re producing an “aerosol” compared of a mist of liquid droplets.

The more power your e-cigarette can generate, then the bigger clouds you are going to get. Naturally, you should opt for something that’s at 60W rather than 30W. Naturally, you’ll need to consider your choice of the tank too. After all, for big clouds, you’ll need maximum airflow and lots of power. The more of those two you can generate, then the larger your clouds will be, irrespective of your inhaling ability.

Which battery should you use?

With a regulated box mode, you can provide variable voltage or wattage, giving you a wide range of settings to explore. Simpler devices, unfortunately, have a fixed voltage. As you can tell probably already so far, if you’re serious about creating the maximum output of smoke, then it’s going to take thought and work.

With a regulated box made, you can set the voltage or wattage just right, and the more you can fine tune your battery, the more optimal your air resistance will be – creating what we call: the vaping sweet spot.

Choose variable wattage

Although with that said, we recommend you use a variable wattage over variable voltage as the prior adjusts the voltage input automatically. In the beginning, you’ll have to start on the maximum airflow setting, and lowest wattage and take a few drags.

If your vape isn’t at too a high of a temperature, which it shouldn’t be in the beginning then increase the wattage with the maximum airflow setting. The moment you start experiencing dry puffs, or the vapour starts getting too hot; then you know your last setting was your sweet spot!

All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to figure it out all out. Keep in mind that even if you and a friend buy the specific same vapour tools, your sweet spot will likely be different to theirs. That’s because everyone’s perfect vape is different.

Coil Resistance –Does it play a role?

Another factor worth considering is the resistance the coil has in your vaporiser. A low resistance coil will mean that you can reach a high temperature to produce more vapour quickly. On the other hand, a high resistance, will make it harder to do so.

Inhaling techniques

The harder you inhale, the less harsh your vape will be. In fact, if you don’t inhale enough, it’s counter-intuitively more likely for you end up coughing! So our best tip would be for you to concentrate on inhaling the vape liquid without constrained!

At No1Ejuice, we understand that vaping isn’t something to be taken too seriously or too lightly. By implementing some of the tips we’ve shared, we hope you can have a better vaping experience for years to come! 

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