If you’ve been smoking from ecigarettes for a while now, then you probably want to know how to enhance your eliquid’s flavour. Likely, you’ve perhaps developed or learnt a couple of different tricks to squeeze out the best out of your flavours – enhancing their flavour and texture. If you haven’t, then you’re in for a treat in this article.

Naturally, the first step to enhancing your eliquid flavours will be to tweak the temperature to the right level, for the particular flavour you want to enjoy. For some flavours, you’ll want to set the temperature a little higher - for others, a little lower. That’s one of the benefits of having a variable wattage device, which lets you change the temperature on the go.

Different Flavours, Different Temperatures

One particular flavour, for instance, might taste great at 10W, while another might be just right at 15W – it all depends on the flavour. Once you learn this, you can start being a little more playful with your vaping experience. In essence, having a variable wattage device is the first step to controlling, and mastering the subtleties and the impact you create with your flavours.

Reduce the Airflow

Increasing the airflow is great for producing larger clouds, but it’s not the best for indulging yourself in the far-reaching intricacies of each flavour. After all, more air means more dilution. Too little air and the smoke will be too hot, and you might not produce much of it.

To improve the airflow, you can consider closing off the airflow on an atomiser head with a wide bore, making the result smoke indulgence a bit harder. Either way, we recommend you use smaller chambers so that you can restrict the airflow just right.

The Easiest Strategies to make your Eliquids more Flavoursome

One of the easiest ways to experience a more flavoursome experience with vaping is to go directly to the source. Meaning, choosing flavours with a high ratio of PG/VG, two of the main ingredients in ejuices. You can also try picking out a vaporiser that has the optimal position of airflow holes. Otherwise, there’s plenty of things you can do on your own. For one, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully hydrated – if you’re not, then you won’t be able to fully the enjoy the flavours of your ejuice. That’s especially true because vaping can cause your mouth to dry if you don’t stay hydrated.

Other then that, you’ll want to make sure you fully steep your ejuice before going ahead and smoking it. As the juice steeps, it’s only then that the various components in the liquid bond in unison.

If you’re a smoker who’s never tried vaping before, expect to experience a potential change in your life. You might end up enjoying vaping for a couple of months and no longer be as attached to smoking altogether. Or you might completely replace your habit with vaping. The future of vaping is bright, and naturally, you should do what you to further your knowledge of the impact vaping can make to your health and day-to-day pleasure.

Smoking Tobacco vs. Vaping – Compared Financially

According to statistics, the average ecigarette smoker only spends £2 per day on vaping products, while the average cigarette smoker spends £5. That may not sound like much of a difference, but over the course of a year, it means than the average smoker would pay £1825 to keep up his/her habit of smoking.

Meanwhile, someone who vapes, on average, will potentially only spend £730. When you compound these differences in costs over several years, the difference becomes staggering.

It would be understandable to pay so much more, if smoking cigarettes produced a higher quality experience, or provided less harmful effects! Yet, in every category, cigarette smoking is clearly far more dangerous, and more expensive!

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