The first thing to keep in mind is that when you begin vaping, you’ve already given up smoking. Even making that jump is enough to be commended for. After all, it’s a difficult transition to make, especially if you’ve been used to smoking for a long time. Like with any major life shift, it’s a good idea to take it one step at a time, and not to put too much pressure on yourself. With a wide range of options when it comes to UK e liquid and its affiliated products, there’s a plethora of ways to make the jump easier. Below are some of the tips which you might find useful during your transition.

How much do you smoke?

First off, make sure you have a tab on how much tobacco you used to smoke. This will correlate with the amount of nicotine you’ll want to be using in your vape device. If you were a heavier smoker, say over 10 a day, then you’ll want to aim for a higher nicotine concentration in your e liquid. The highest nicotine concentration you can get in pre filled e liquid is 20 milligrams. The lowest is 3 mg of nicotine, but you ca find e liquids going at 0 mg. If you are looking to cut your nicotine intake, we suggest starting with a higher dosage to accommodate your past tobacco habits, before moving down to lower concentrations. If you are still unsure about your nicotine concentration, then ask in store at your local vape shop for more information.

What kind of flavours do you like?

If you’re first starting out, then you might be prone to tobacco or menthol flavour vape juices. This is because these flavours are more akin to tobacco flavours and so will help you in the transition process from smoking to vaping. If you are looking for a change, then there are countless other flavours for you to try. Vape juice is a diverse industry, and caters to a range of tastes. This is part of the reason why it is much more enticing than the limited tastes of tobacco.

Are you after a cigalike or a rebuildable mod?

Are you looking for a powerful, customisable vape mod, or are you after a simple to use e cig? Most first time vapers tend to go for the lower powered, often disposable cigalikes. Vape pens are a good intermediary between these primitive devices and the more daunting rebuildable mods, which can come in a range of power, coil, battery and temperature settings.

What kind of vape hit do you want?

Talking of vape hits, there’s a wide range of different types. Most first timers tend to choose mouth to lung style vape inhales, which is a style of vaping which resembles the way you smoke. Direct to lung style vaping is usually a little more overwhelming and will have you vaping larger hits.

What kind of batteries do you need?

Vape batteries are important to get your head around. The first aspect is to work out whether your device has an internal or an external battery. An internal battery indicates a battery built into the vape device. This means that you will charge the device itself. An external battery infers a power source which you can remove and charge independently from the device, giving you a lot more choice between mAh ratings and the chemical makeup of the battery itself. If you are going into more detail, then knowing if the maximum wattage or voltage of your battery correlates with that of your vape device is important to ensure it works efficiently and safely.

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