As just a small length of wire, coils are often seen as just another minor component within a vape device’s set up. Coils however, are incredibly important within the circuit of a vape device, especially when you take into account how much power passes through it every time you press the power button. Vape coils are built to be replaced, and so many can be found at No 1 e juice vape shop at cut throat prices. There’s always more you can do to keep your vape in shape, so keeping your coil in prime condition will also ensure the longevity of your device.

What is a coil?

A vape coil is the twisted piece of metal within your vape circuit which connects the battery to the atomiser. With a varying range of different metals, lengths and heat up times, coils transfer the electricity from their battery and heat up the atomiser and wicking paper. As mentioned above, coils vary in their shapes and sizes, and the wider the coil, the lower the resistance. Resistance plays a large part in the vape coils role, its resistance limiting the amount of electricity which can pass through the circuit. A lower resistance in your coil means more voltage will be fed through, transferring into wattage when it is output. This is why sub ohm, or low resistance coils are important when sub ohm vaping.

Why should you change your coil?

Coils are made of metal and like any metal, will react when exposed to heat. Coils spend most of their lives being exposed to heat, so ensuring that you maintain and keep an eye on the one in your device is important for your vaping satisfaction. If it is exposed to heat too much, the metal can degrade, and this can lead to a lessening of potency in your vape device.

Coils burn eventually

When coils burn, they begin to degrade. This is a detrimental to a vaper because vaping is supposed to be a clean alternative to smoking. If your vape device has a burnt coil, you’ll be inhaling a range of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide.

Coils and overcooking

If your coil is not working properly then it could potentially cook your vape liquid. Vape liquid is cooked when it is not exposed to enough heat to fully evaporate, and instead of vaporising, congeals on the coil. When it congeals and is exposed to further heat, it will cook, leading to a burnt taste and a lot of wasted vape juice.

How to change a coil

Coils are usually concealed within a metal component, and for rebuildable vape mods, can be twisted on and off the base of the chimney. For the DIY vapers among us, you may be more prone to threading your own coil wire. This will require you to measure the exact diameter and thickness of your coil.

How to clean a coil

Cleaning a coil is just like cleaning any other component in your vape device. Cleaning your coil will require you to unthread your vape device from its chimney and to soak it in warm water or for a deep clean, in ethanol or an alcoholic substance. This should ensure that it is completely dirt free. After that, dry the coil off and if it is still in working order or doesn’t need to be replaced, then thread back on to your vape device.

There are a wide range of coils you can choose from, made from a variety of different metals. To find your perfect coil will take some experimentation though, and will mean you have to try and test before you find your sweet spot.

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