How to Refill Eliquid into Clearomiser or Cartomiser?

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If you are new to E-liquid and vaping you might just need some instructions on how to refill your clearomizer and here are some instructions to do just this. Ejuice is the refilling liquid that you use to refill your cartridges rather than buying them over and over again you can use E-Juice and here is a step by step guide to refilling your clearomizer.

You can save a lot of money by refilling instead of just throwing the cartomiser away because you can usually refill them about ten times before throwing them in the garbage and this saves you money. It is also less waste so you get to do two things at once.

It is pretty easy once you learn how to do this process so here is a step by step instruction guide.

Ego CE4

Unscrew the cartridge from the battery

You want to be careful when you fill the cartridge because you do not want your E-Juice spilling into your battery.

Use the same kind of E-Juice you always do when refilling the cartridge

If you use a different brand of E-Juice than was in the prefilled cartridge it can taste pretty bad if it’s a completely different taste so either rinse the cartridge well or use the same kind to keep from this conflict of flavor.

CE4 Clearomizer

Remove the plastic cap on the top end of the clearomizer and use a needle or pin to fit into the hole and easily pry it loose and you might have to put a little muscle in this so be careful when prying off the plastic lid. Also remove the rubber ring after you finish removing the cap.

If you can see filling material around the center hole in clearomizer you are ready to drip your juice in, and check for brown burn marks because if the wick is burned you will get a terrible taste no matter how much fresh E-Juice you add so this is the time to throw out the cartridge and refill next time. However if your wick is fine then proceed to the next step.

How to Refill Eliquid

Slowly drizzle the E-Juice down the side away from the middle hole of the clearomizer.

The center hole is for vapor only so be sure to drizzle lightly down the side wall of the clearomizer and not too much, a clearomizer normally holds 25-30 drops and if you see a puddle you over did it so dab it quickly with a paper towel before returning the cartridge to the battery so it won’t be overfilled and ruin your battery or make a mess.

Think of this as dripping super glue slowly down the side of the cap of the super glue and you will get a great image in your mind of how to do this. Drip slowly and methodically and you should be just fine.

Ego CE4  Ego Ce4 starter Kit

Once you are done filling the liquid put the clearomizer back in place.

Wait until the liquid has soaked in and then be sure to replace the cap back beause you don’t want burn your wick in the process. This is very easy and will save you money in the long run so try it and happy vaping!

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