Vape devices require some real attention to detail when it comes to picking your dream device.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when picking your perfect vape device. A lot has changed since the simple days of the cigalike and understanding your own needs as a vaper is more important than picking the highest wattage or biggest tank. Whether you’re looking for flexible temperature control settings or for the UK’s best e liquid, none of it will matter unless you have specified your own needs as a vaper. With so many great devices on the market, it can be difficult to buck the trend and go out on a limb for your personal preferences, which is why we’ve created this checklist to help you in your personal path to perfect vaping.

How long have you been vaping for?

This question comes down to understanding your own needs as a beginner or a pro vaper. Naturally, first time vapers will want to use a device which is a little simpler to sue, either a vape pen or a cigalike, whilst a seasoned cloud chaser will be looking for something which they can personalise further, incorporating rebuildable decks and their own choice of components. Those looking for a compact but highly personalised device with complex temperature controls would be interested in the X-Priv 225W Kit by Smok, a device which matches power with beauty and style.

Are you a DTL or an MTL vaper?

Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping are the two main ways that people inhale their vape juice. Mouth to Lung vape devices are lower powered vape devices which are designed to resemble the way that cigarettes are inhaled. These devices usually have higher nicotine contents and lower VG ratios. Direct to Lung devices, usually vape pens or box mods like the Aspire Breeze 2 AIO are designed to be higher powered with less of a nicotine concentration, creating larger vape clouds with less of the intensity. DTL vaping is different to MTL in that instead of inhaling the vapour into your mouth first, you inhale directly into your lungs, like sucking the air out of a balloon.

Do you need higher or lower nicotine levels?

Before buying your e liquid flavours, consider how strong a nicotine concentration you need in your vape device. Those who were light smokers before vaping should consider 3 to 6 mg vape juice concentrations, whilst heavier smokers may want to consider 12 to 20 mg.

If you can’t find the right balance of nicotine in the pre-fill vape juices on sale, you can always invest in short fills, which leave about 20 percent of the vape bottle empty so that you can add your own nicotine shots.

Do you need a variable device?

Variable voltage and variable wattage devices are devices which give users the opportunity to explore the levels of power their vapes can offer them. Often these devices are kitted out with LED screens and buttons which allow you to input the maximum power that your devices battery can send through your vape. This means that you can then pick your own power, further customising your device. Beginners won’t want to worry too much about this, instead opting for simper devices which regulate the devices power automatically.

Do you need to go sub ohm?

Sub Ohm vaping is when the device can reach a resistance under 0.1 ohms. This will mean nothing to a vaping beginner, and neither should it, you’re definitely not ready for the heady clouds and circuit play needed to master sub ohming, Often incorporating that variable wattage and voltage as well as the type of coil being used, sub ohming can feel overwhelming if you’re not used to the thick plumes of vapour produced by this DTL and often vape guzzling style.

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