Box mods are one of the most popular vape devices, but who is their perfect target audience?

More complex than a vape pen and coming with a range of different functions, the box mod is a popular vape device for many seasoned vapers. There are plenty out there as well, at least half of the vape device market being made of box mods in some shape or form.

The box mod can also be one of the most complex vape devices out there, in part due to the many potential functions it has. If you’re new to them then, they’ll take some getting used to, and if you don’t know the terminology behind your mod’s functions, then you might end up with a device which you don’t know how to capitalise on.

Below you can find everything you’ll need to make an informed box mod purchase, from the differences it has to the vape pen, as well as the wide variety of functions it has.

So, what is a box mod?

With most vape devices of the first and second generation consisting of tube shaped cigalikes and vape pens, the vape mod is one of the more recent additions to the vaping world. Whilst the original cigalike was low on vapour and high on nicotine content, attracting the smoking cessation crowd, the vape pen brought in vape juice as opposed to disposable cartridges. With the introduction of the vape tank came an affinity for denser vape clouds and a wider variety of flavours. The box mod capitalised on the eventual want for even more customisation, leading to a “boxier” shape than its pen style predecessor as it accommodated for larger batteries to give it a longer life and extra potency in the vape hit.

The box mod style vape device also gave vapers the opportunity to build their own “decks”, adding their own personal choice of coil, atomiser head and tanks. This makes the box mod a very flexible and freeing experience, complemented even further by its temperature, voltage and wattage controls which allow you to find that perfect sweet spot of power and temperature to suit your own needs as a vaper. This was a revolutionary step for vaping, no longer was it deemed a mere smoking cessation tool, but became a hobby and social past time in and of itself, vape shops became more than just a shop, but a place for vapers to meet and discuss the ins and outs of vaping.

Regulated box mods

Regulated box mods refer to devices which have inner circuitry which has been set up so as not to push over their battery’s limits. These devices will automatically shut down when the power becomes too much for the device to handle. This means that you can still tinker with the circuitry, but not so much that you change the maximum wattage or voltage that your device can handle, making them perfect for the mid-level vaper.

Unregulated box mods

Unregulated box mods are devices which give the user the freedom to create their own deck. Adding your won batteries, coils and overall circuit boards is key for the vaper who likes to get creative. However, an in depth understanding of circuitry and electrics is needed here, otherwise you could end up with your vape device shorting out, or even worse, setting alight.

Temperature controls

Most box mods will come with temperature controls. Simply put, these allow you to input the maximum temperature you can vape at, leading to cooler and hotter vape hits. This will also affect the taste and the style at which you vape.

Variable voltage and wattage controls

Box mods also come with variable voltage and wattage controls. Like the temperature controls, these power settings allow you to input the maximum voltage or wattage that your battery can input, or your device can output. This also helps when gearing your device up for sub ohm vaping, leading to bigger vape clouds and a more intense hit.


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