What to expect from Halo E-liquid -  Review

We are very excited for this brand to be part of our collection of great E-liquid products! What is eliquid you ask? It is the fuel for an electronic cigarette. The solution that provides the flavour and nicotine what you get when you smoke E Cigs. It is what causes the vapour that makes you feel like its a traditional cigarette.tribeca-300.jpg

What you look for in E-Liquid

  • First you seek flavour. If it does not taste good, you will not stick to vap, you will go back to traditional smoking. A good eliquid has the tobacco flavour that you love. Halo eliquid is very well known for its high quality flavour and unbeatable quality.
  • Throat hit is the next thing that you need to feel like you are smoking. When nicotine hits the back of your throat. The hit is what tells you if you inhaled smoke or air. Halo has overcome the need for more nicotine in their halo e-liquid to achieve the perfect throat hit. For light smokers this is perfect! You want the throat hit but not the high nicotine content.
  • Vapour Production is the final part of the equation that gives vapour smokers the feel and sensation of traditional smoking. The production of vapour is greatly controlled by the eliquid used. The more vapour the more satisfied vapour smokers are. Halo has created the perfect formula for their E-Cigs to produce great vapour in large amounts with rich consistency. It will impress even the most die hard smokers with highquality vapour.

Halo eliquid quality controlmenthol-ice-300.jpg

Quality is a huge issue for halo e-liquid. Halo products are proudly made in the USA, and we are very to have extremely high quality eliquid that is not as risky as some that you may not know where they are produced. All of Halo's E-Liquid is produced in proper laboratories with trained chemists and strict procedural guidelines to ensure that you always receive the highest quality halo eliquid possible. Halo also has very strict guidelines for nicotine storage, to further ensure high quality eliquid. Base ingredients as well as finished product Halo eliquid is stored in climate controlled conditions. Sales are at such a high demand that turnover times are well before expiration dates. The fresh taste will tell you that you have made the right choice in quality with Halo eliquid.

Halo flavours are extensive, touting about 23 different flavours for you to find the perfect bland for your taste or moods. From Tobacco flavours to menthol to gourmet flavours you will easily find several that you love. The Halo eliquid selection offers plenty of choices for your every whim.

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