An Introduction to Gemini Vapors E-Liquid

An introduction to Gemini Vapors E liquid

Gemini Vapors' motto is "Vape long, vape strong, vape all day long." With flavors such as 100 Grand, Adam & Eve, Enter The Dragon, and Thunder Struck, you can find an interesting combination of eLiquids here.

Who are they?

They are few experienced vapers who handcraft their own e juice with unique flavour.

Where they From?

USA, west coast, Los Angeles

What is the PG:VG ratio?

This is the secrete, we don't even know it yet.

What Strength they have?

0mg, 6mg 12mg (This is the fashion is US now, low nicotine levels)

What Flavor we recommend?

Well, we haven't try them all yet, but enter the dragon is my favorite now! 

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