Time bomb E Liquid

E-cig technology has come a long way to blast away sclerotic or solve big smoking problems, anti-progress government restrictions and rules. It doesn’t matter what fascists beliefs are, they are not trying to regulate electronic cigarette for anyone’s health. They either want to remove the competition from tobacco and big pharma or want to cut off the action. E-cigarette is one breakthrough that gets absolutely no respect from people who should know better.

Electronic cigarettes have been extremely useful to individuals who want to quit smoking, but have met challenges to do that permanently. They are more effective than gum, patches or any other substance smokers would use to quit smoking. Yet many state politicians and public health officials have been scurrying around, trying to ban or restrict the use of e-cigs. Some of these fascists are offended, since users seem to be smoking and to make it worse, they are enjoying it.

It is very unfortunate that the health experts are so fiercely opposed to e-cigs, and willing to lie to ensure their demise. In fact, they simply despise smokers and take more satisfaction from demonising rather than helping. For them, smokers must suffer for their sinful manner; giving up sin should be painful!

Without proper evidence, some researchers also claim that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking. However, the real findings show the opposite: since the introduction of e-cigs vaping in 2003, the teenage and adults smoking in the UK and US have fallen by half. Instead of celebrating the incredible turn of events, the researchers, health official and some state officials are proclaiming a crisis due to the increasing number of e-cig users.

You must get used to the endless dribbles of health scare stories in the media but the truth is, e-cigs are safer than the real thing. No smoking is going into the lungs of anyone!

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