As electronic cigarette shops look to expand their presence in the world, they have attracted the equivalent measure of opposition. Right now, electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the Food and Drugs. However, the FDA is considering categorising them as tobacco products. And most states do not recognise the use of e-cigs as an approved method of stopping traditional cigarette smoking.

In essence, vaping help people to kick cigarette addictions and the shops represent a chance to eliminate the same. Some critics argue that, this multibillion dollar industry’s goal is an attempt to increase usage of the products and expose the children to smoking. Fortunately, tobacco smoking by teens has been going down, but the use of electronic cigarettes is going up, indicating a nice move towards the elimination of regular tobacco smoking.

Some health officials say there are a lot of unknowns about electronic cigarette health effects, but they admit that their use may be less harmful than tobacco cigarette. In fact, many of those fighting against tobacco use think that electronic cigarette are not only the way to stop the practice, but may truly inspire tobacco use, making smoking a respectable habit again. The lawmakers have given the legislators the commonsense package of measure that would attempt to control the approach to using and marketing of electronic cigarette. The proposals include, putting e-cigs under the ban in public places and restaurants, taxing them like tobacco and licensing Vape shops.

People must not run from the truth, electronic cigarette has helped so many people quit smoking and it is truly a life saving product. Although some health officials and a few politicians are not ready to welcome this point, there is evidence showing that the use of conventional cigarette has reduced by half. Additionally, there is no evidence showing that e-cigs may force teens to try other tobacco products, including traditional cigarettes. So, the rise in the number of e-cigarette shops is a good gesture in saving lives of smokers.

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