To the uninitiated there’s always the chance that making the big, healthy switch from smoking and conventional cigarettes to vaping and E-cigarettes is a little daunting. With seemingly so many bits and pieces involved in E-cig culture, where do you actually start? Well, you start at the obvious place – with the E-cig device itself. And this means understanding and appreciating the various kinds of E-cigarette models there are to choose from. Fundamentally, there are three different kinds of models available to vapers – here we take a closer look at them…

Disposable and rechargeable models

This is perhaps the first question you need to ask yourself. And, to be fair, it may strike you as obvious surely that rechargeable E-cigs have the advantage over their disposable counterparts – after all, you don’t have to replace them so frequently because they run longer and so are more cost-effective over time. Plus, generally speaking, their performance tends to be more impressive and they’re better suited to moving between E-liquid flavours and nicotine levels and come in different styles and appearances.

Mind you, all that said, disposable E-cigs do have one advantage over rechargeable versions – because they don’t run for as long and are cheaper up-front than them, they offer a fine option for figuring out what sort of E-cig you really want in the long-term and enable you to easier discover which companies’ products you most like and trust – in short, which you consider produce the best E cig UK.

‘Mini’ E-cigs

So-called ‘minis’ aren’t dissimilar in look and size to conventional cigarettes – and deliberately so. Indeed, they’re often popular with smokers who have recently moved on from traditional ciggies and, thus, not comfortable straying too far from the appearance of the traditional cigarette. Most of them feature three major parts – a cartridge (to hold the E-liquid), an atomiser (to turn the fluid into vapour) and a battery (to provide power). Compared to an ordinary ciggie then, the cartridge is in the ‘filter’ and the battery in the bottom white half. ‘Minis’ are often prove popular because, while available as both disposable and rechargeable models, owing to their lightweight nature, they’re discrete and so a fine option for light-to-moderate smokers to move on to (heavy smokers may wish to look for a more powerful option).

‘Mid-sized’ E-cigs

Obviously larger than ‘minis’ and not aping the conventional cigarette appearance, ‘mid-sized’ E-cigs nonetheless effectively contain the same three constituent parts their smaller counterparts do; however, in newer models the atomiser and cartridge are often sealed together, thus referred to as a single section – a cartomiser. Owing to their size and better power options (compared to ‘minis’ their batteries last longer and usually boast improved vapour production), they’re a good choice for medium-to-heavy smokers wishing to move on from ciggies, but they’re still small enough to be fairly discrete, being more or less the size and shape of a cigar.

Advanced personalised vaporisers

Finally, the largest type of E-cig on the market is the advanced personalised vaporiser. APVs are very popular with vapers new and old and of all kinds thanks to coming complete with features and functions that ‘mini-’ and ‘mid-sized’ E-cigs simply can’t possess. Additionally, they also tend to offer a stronger, more solid construction, designed specifically for reliable durability. Blessed with total electronic control, they’re also usually blessed with digital read-outs, as well as integral liquid feeds and larger batteries - by some way compared to other E-cig types – ensuring their vaping performance lasts longer – before requiring recharge. In fact, on average they deliver around three times the vaping performance that a ‘mini’ E-cigarette does.

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