For those who’ve just started out vaping, they’re no doubt aware of the fact that their E-cig contains a coil, but maybe unaware of what it does, where it’s to be found and just how important it is to the running of their device. There are actually various different types of coil your E-cig could contain and, owing to the fact your model is a highly impressive electronic piece of kit, on occasions there may be times you run into problems with the coil – don’t fret, though; there are steps you can take to ensure it remains healthy and effective and lasts longer than it otherwise would.

Locating the coil

So where can you find the coil in your E-cig? Well, the little – and it is only little – heating coil is located inside the atomiser (or clearomiser) section of the device, the compartment responsible for transforming E-liquid into vapour. Although there can be differences in the exact way in which a coil’s called on to produce vapour and the resultant flavour, all coils operate fundamentally the same way. A wick that extends through the E-cig’s cartridge draws the fluid towards the heating coil, which being heated can therefore create the vapour on contact with the E-liquid.

You may have heard that some vapours, as they become more experienced and more confident, are now building their own coils – presumably to save a little on cost and because they enjoy doing so. Don’t worry; this is by no means necessary. It’s very easy to buy coils to replace those that have reached the end of their lifetime and so have worn out – besides, if you are looking to build your own, it can’t be stressed enough that you need to know what you’re doing.

Wire types for building coils

That said; should you feel ready to experiment and build your own coil, there are several types of wire you can choose from for the task. All of them have their own distinct attributes to recommend them. For instance, there’s titanium (excellent for flavour as it warms up and cools down fast) and stainless steel (cleans easily and offers advanced durability), while common, non-metal materials include silica (slower to heat but cheap and commonly used), ekowool (a kind of silica that’s more expensive because it features a braided construction to reduce fraying) and cotton (extremely common and pretty cheap, but delivers very good flavour).

Common coil issues

Sad to say (and as noted), there are problems that vapers run into when it comes to their E-cigs’ coils. Yet, there are steps you can take to minimise issues and, hopefully, prevent them from occurring. First up, be sure to test your device’s coil before you actually use it – if the coil’s heated at the wrong wattage or voltage then, like it or not, it could pop.

Many ex-smokers will maybe find it hard to resist chain-vaping – at least at first – but try to avoid doing so, because for the coil’s efficacy and longevity it’s a good idea to allow it to cool down before re-firing for use. Try too to keep down the vegetable glycerine (VG) content of the E-liquid you buy from a UK Ecig store, because the higher the content the thicker the fluid is likely to be and so it’s more likely the wick won’t properly saturate. Plus, it’s important to make sure the E-cig’s o-rings are tight so you avoid E-liquid leakage – but not too tight, as this could also cause leakage!

How to increase coil longevity

Finally, how can you improve your E-cig coil’s natural lifetime? What can you do to ensure it lasts longer? Well, the first piece of advice may be fairly rudimentary, but it’s as well to remember it – don’t forget to check the coil routinely and clean it from time to time. Also, try to make sure the wick is properly saturated and absorbing the E-liquid fully before vaping – have a few dry hits before you get going. And, should you have just had a new coil installed or you’re trying out a new E-cig, be sure to break in the coil with shorter-than-normal hits and at a lower temperature to start with.

Overall, though, just be mindful that you need to take care of your E-cig’s coil – it’s not indestructible and won’t last forever on its own. Good luck!

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