Those who are not used to the wide world of vapers may assume that devices are fairly limited. When you look back at the history however, stretching into the distant past of the early noughties, you’ll see just how far they’ve come. With the fourth generation of vape devices well and truly making their mark on the world right now, it’s come to the point that there are actually vape devices we can be nostalgic about.

If this makes the vaping veteran feel rather old, there’s nothing to worry about, vaping will no doubt keep you healthier than tobacco would, and there are even more vape juices and devices than ever before to keep you distracted from the encroaching old age. With that in mind, there’s plenty to remember from the good old days.

Below are some of our favourite past vape devices, many of which you can find in shops today.

Blu Cigs L88b

After the first wave of cigalike devices, the Blu Cig heralded the next generation of cigalikes. MOving away from the original cigarette design, this device retained the cylindrical properties and the disposable cartridges of the original devices, but added a new design and fresh flavours to go with it. This made them even more exciting for the average vaper, and added variety to the tastes. With an innovative marketing campaign and a bold new look, these devices were pulling in ex smokers way back in 2009.

eGo E cigarette

The eGo E CIgarette is famous for being the first design for the second generation of e cigarettes. The eGo made the vape pen the next step in vape technology, and became famous for how many copies were made of it from other companies. These devices were simple, more powerful and trendier in their style. Whilst far more bulky than your modern day vape pen, the eGo became the blueprint for many you’ll find today.

Volcano Lavatube

The Volcano Lavatube was one of the first higher wattage devices to come onto the market. By competing with the more expensive devices and bringing out this great value model, the Hawaiian vape device companies cutting edge device came with an eruption of success. The company may well have fallen out of the limelight, becoming amore local company, but that didn’t stop the Volcano causing a stir on its arrival.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

The Reuleaux was one of the most powerful vape devices to come out in 2015. With three 18650 batteries and a 7,500 mAh battery life, this device was one of the most popular sub ohm devices on the market. You can’t forget its hefty size and weight, as well as its adaptable components, making it still one of the most popular rebuildable box mods being sold today.


This well known brand brought slick vaping pod mods back onto the scene. With its rectangular shape and powerful components, the JUUL is a slick vape device which is both pocket sized rechargeable. With a range of flavours to choose from, the JUUL also helped bring nicotine salts onto the scene, making high concentration vaping easier to swallow.

Eleaf iStick

This high powered and sturdy device became one of the best value vape devices on the market when it first came out in 2015. The box mod brought with it a wide range of attributes, never before seen in its price bracket, whilst also ensuring that there was plenty of flexible components and temperature controls for you to enjoy and experiment with.

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