Whilst vaping has been deemed far lessdangerous than tobacco usage on a person's general health, there are a widerange of queries concerning the use of electronic circuits in vape devices. Forsuch small contraptions, vape devices are incredibly powerful and can generatea lot of heat energy. In recent years, more and more vape accidents have beenreported. Most of these are due to overcharged vape devices which overheat andeventually explode. In some instances, these accidents have caused securityalerts in major stations such as London’s commuter heavy Euston, whilst other,more serious cases have led to serious harm to the individual using the device.

There’s no need to be too alarmed, these casesonly happen occasionally, and have led to even safer vape devices.Nevertheless, it is vital that you know the risks and take the necessaryprecautions to prevent them. Below are some important points about vape deviceexplosions and how to prevent them.

Why dovape devices explode?

The reality is that even the best vape mods could explode, as it isnot the device itself, but the overcharged battery inside it which causes theproblems. This can only happen in open circuits which use external batteries,and often with devices that have unregulated and custom built decks. Thestandard vape explosion will therefore only happen with an unregulatedmechanical mod, the purpose of which is for the user to build their owncircuits. These devices are reserved for seasoned vapers due to the complexityof the vape system.

Vapebatteries explained

Vape batteries are usually lithium ion madebatteries and are used due to the chemical mixes ability to store a lot ofenergy and heat up at a fast rate. The way this works is through the electronsand ions, when switched on, mixing together and forming other chemicals such aslithium. This movement creates electricity which heats up the coil and leads tothe vaporising of the e liquid.


Of course, due to the production of heat, thebatteries need to be vented every now and again. Most vape devices contain airholes to keep it cool, but when overused, the battery can heat up regardless,especially in an unregulated circuit. Thermal runaway is the idea that thehotter a circuit gets, the faster the reactions will take place. This can beespecially dangerous in unregulated mods, which have no temperature controlsafety system in place to shutdown the system when it gets too hot.

How toprevent vape overcharging

If using an unregulated mod, there are severalways which can help you to keep your vape device and battery safe fromoverheating.

Do notuse a battery with a puncture

Never use a leaking or damaged battery. Notonly can this lead to vape explosions, but the liquid is extremely poisonous,meaning that you definitely don't want to be inhaling it with your vapour.

Alwaysstore your batteries somewhere cool

As mentioned above, vape batteries canoverheat very easily if left unattended. Always store your vape batterysomewhere cool and dry.

Don’tlet your mod get wet

And on the subject of dry, always make surethat your vape battery isn't wet when placed in your mod. As everyone shouldknow, electricity and water do not mix.

Onlybuy from the source or from trusted suppliers

Only buy your vape batteries from a trustsource. Our vape shop in Southend isa brilliant example of just one of the many trusted retailers out there.Whether you buy from the manufacturer or a secondary source, always make sureyou can trust your batteries to work properly, through finding the correctlabelling and safety approval stamps.

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