Pod mods are the busy vapers best friend. Not only do they cut out the faff of tank filling, but they are easy to use and potent in taste. Giving every day vapers an alternative to the tank filling vape devices is proving a wise move, especially amongst the on the go vaping clientele. These devices are just as stylish as their tank filling siblings, and are also some of the most compact, discrete devices on the market today. With ever more innovative devices coming out each year, we though that now would be a good time to explore some of the most impressive pod mods in our Bromley vape shop catalogue. Here are just a few of the best pod mods from No 1 E Juice to watch out for this year.

Vapeants E8 MTL Pod Kit

This quick to charge and compact pod mod is one of the sleekest on the market today. Not only does the Vapeant feel great to hold, it has a powerful mouth to lung capacity which ensures powerful yet discreet vape hits. With just a 40 a minute charge time and a choice of 6 colours, this device works brilliantly with high resistance coils to ensure a great tasting vape hit. The Vapeant E8 comes with a wide range of flavours for diversity and character, ensuring pick me up hits to satisfy your needs.

Zeltu X Pod Kit by Zeltu

With a mouth to lung system and a 100 mah battery, the Zeltu X is one of the best vape devices on the market for discreet yet powerful vaping. Due to its high PG juices, the Zeltu creates strong flavours and its replacement pods have a flexible range of nicotine concentrations. The Zeltu X has an adjustable airflow and its e liquids have the option of coming in nicotine salt form. This is especially important to keep in mind, because using nicotine salt in your e liquid means that higher nicotine concentrations become more palatable, ensuring more satisfaction for the ex-heavy smoker. With a textured metal cover, the stylish Zeltu X comes in the colour choice of rose gold, black and silver, proving itself to be flexible and subtle in its aesthetic.

Vapeant E8 MTL Replacement Pods

The replacement pods available for the Vapeant E8 are flavour enhanced and refillable, meaning that you can add your own vape juice to perfect the taste you need. Whatever your preferred flavour the vape cartridges can carry up to 1.2 ml of vape juice and are side filled for simplicity of use.

Mi-Pod Refillable Pods

With high quality japanese cotton wick and kanthal wire coils, the Mi-pod is the ultimate in refillable vape pods. With a large 2 ml capacity and a clear plastic casing so you can view your vape liquid, the Mi-Pod is a smooth vaping cartridge which works with 1.3 ohm inhales.

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Vape Kit

With a wide range of colours available, the Lost Vape Orion Q is a vape pod kit with one of the best mouth to lung capacities on the market today. If you are looking for that perfect vape hit, the Lost Vape Orion Q is the device for you, especially with its one button power up design and range of alluring colours. Suitable for nicotine salt use, the Orion is one to watch this year.

Asvape Touch Pod

These striking and futuristic pod mods promise some of the best in enhanced cartridge vaping. With a range of designs and a bold display screen, the touchscreen device is one of the most alluring on the market. With a capacity of 1.5 ml, these pod mods taste as good as they look.

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