New studies show that, although e-cigarette smokers are inhaling the same amount of nicotine as tobacco smokers, they are, in fact, exposing themselves to almost none of the cancer-inducing chemicals inside normal cigarettes.

The fluid inside e-cigarettes (named 'e-fluid'... there's a theme going on here) contains nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavorings. Over the past decade, smoking e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, has gathered popularity and is now a constantly expanding global market - with vapers in the millions. For good reason too, e-cigarettes are perfect for cutting down a smoking habit. In their variety of intriguing flavours (from strawberry to pizza) these electric smoking utensils could help ditch tobacco for good, whilst satisfying your nicotine urges! 

The issue with smoking isn't the nicotine. Sure, it's not good being addicted to anything, but the nicotine (which satisfies cravings) won't be the thing that will be damaging your health. Tobacco cigarettes are writhe in dangerous chemicals that could be lethal when used in the long-term.

How can you tell that e-cigarettes have less chemicals?

Firstly, if you had a look at the substances in cigarettes and e-cigarettes … well, let's just say it's pretty shocking.

What's inside a cigarette? Where to start...

We have ammonia, which raises your blood pressure.

Carbon monoxide, which decreases your heart function.

Hydrogen Cyanide, which is a poison.

Lead, which causes brain damage.

Polonium, which is radioactive. Yes, you heard me radioactive!

Compared to e-cigarettes, the amount of chemicals in normal cigarettes is absolutely staggering. It's not surprising to why they are so harmful to someone's health.

How do we know e-cigarettes aren't having as dramatic a reaction on our health?

Years of studies have been done to test the effects of e-cigarettes and their effects on the body. A particular study took a group of heavy smokers, asked half of them to swap to e-cigarettes for a month, and the other half were asked to quit totally Over the next month consistent tests and examinations were taken to measure the patient's health.

Both groups had similar outcomes. Both groups experienced a dramatic plummet in toxins and carcinogenic substances in their systems.

Whether this would be the case long term is another matter, and we won't be able to find out for the next few decades. However, it is clear that e-cigarettes have less chemicals then actual cigarettes.

Obviously, NOT smoking at all is better then any kind of smoking. But there are several benefits to smoking e-cigarettes than there are to normal cancer-causing tobacco cigarettes.


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