When the concept of e-cigarettes and vaping was first introduced to the world in 2003, a collective ‘hurrah, a cure!’ was exclaimed worldwide.

Over the past decade, however, our preconception that this magical stick with a light up bit at the end would be a harm-free way to indulge our nicotine habit, has been dismissed. Or at least questioned. Vaping is still such a new concept that health analysts still need more time to detect the potential long-term health repercussions of e-cigs.

It’s safe to say that vaping is DEFINITELY safer than tobacco and can help you fight smoking…


jumping from one another addiction to another addiction won’t benefit you.

If you replace cigarettes with vaping, you haven’t ‘kicked the habit’ as such, as you’ll be equally drugged up on nicotine, but just in a different form.

Can e-cigarettes help you fight your dependency on smoking?

If you are truly sick of needing a cigarette and are battling with crippling cravings that you want to get rid of, e-cigarettes can help you… if you use them right!

The process of weening yourself off cigarettes is great with a vape. The reason for this is because you can control how much nicotine you’re taking in with an e-cigarette.

Right, let us give you a step by step guide on how e-cigarettes can help you ween yourself off smoking for good.

1. Vapes come with different levels of e-liquid. High, Medium and low. These levels indicate how much nicotine is in the liquid, and how much you’ll be inhaling.

2. When choosing your vape, start off with the strongest level of nicotine. If you choose a vape with a lower level of nicotine and you may just relapse and latch onto cigarettes to get your fix! It’s easy to do!

3. When you feel ready, lower yourself to a Medium nicotine level. Again, do this process slowly as jumping straight to low may, again, end in a relapse!

4. At this point, your dependency on nicotine may be starting to fade… you may have left your vape at home, but NOT mind that you have to wait a couple of hours to have a puff. You may only need one puff to satisfy your craving.

5. When you feel ready, it’s time to go Low! It sounds scary. It is scary! This is when the idea of being a ‘non-smoker’ becomes less and less of a bizarre alternate-dimension ‘yeah, as if’ dream and more of a reality.

6. Start leaving your vape at home, only have it when you’re at a social event. By this point, you should be used to not having so much nicotine in your system and this should be sufficient in satisfying you!

7. If you wanna quit, after a few months of lowering your nicotine intake to the lowest possible dose… you may be ready to be a NON-SMOKER!

So, with a system in mind, if you are looking to stop smoking, e-cigarettes are a good device to help you slowing and sustainably ditch the habit once and for all. 


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