On the surface, you might think that buying acheap copy of your favourite vape device might not make much of a difference toyour experience. If it is a pod mod system and it holds the pod cartridges youlike, what’s the problem? And if it’s cheaper, even better, right?

Wrong, imitation devices not only damage theindustry, but can be dangerous to use as well. Much like the reviled fake ejuices which can harm your health and are made with untrustworthy ingredients,clone pod mods can bring a range of unwanted ailments ot your vapingexperience. Below are some of the ways that you can tell a fake device from areal one, and some of the reasons why you should always invest in the realthing.

What isa clone pod mod?

A clone pod system is a vape device which is acheaper imitation of your big brand vape devices. These may look similar, butwill have some telltale signs that they are knock offs. Often they are pod modsystems, vape devices which use cartridges, due to the ease at which they canbe imitated over vape tanks.

Theproblem with clone pod systems

So what’s the problem? If they still functionand can hold the pod cartridges that you want to use, what is so bad aboutthem?

Theycan be dangerous to your health

These devices might not have the necessarycircuitry in place to ensure your safety when vaping. The devices may be moreprone to battery bursting and leaks. What’s more, they may not have theatomiser strength in place to ensure a pure vaping experience.

Theyoften don’t work properly

Tying into the health dangers, fake pod modsoften don’t work properly, leading to shoddy circuitry and broken batteries.The durability of your fake will most likely be far less than that of anoriginal.

Theyinfringe on vaping copyright

Another sore point is how close to patenteddevices these fakes roam. More often than not, they are using copyrightedtechnology which is illegal to imitate. This makes them damaging to the vapingindustry in general, and can drag down the brands name if a faulty device ismistaken for a legitimate companies product.

What isthe authenticity code?

Most vape brands know that their devices aregoing to be copied. That’s why they provide their device packages withauthentication codes, which cannot be copied. Most fakes will not have these onthem.

Is theprice surprisingly low?

Most fake devices will have incredibly lowprices. You might think this to be too good to be true, and more often thannot, it is. Most pod mods range between £30 and £80, depending on how high techthey are. Clones will be far lower in price, suspiciously so.

Howdoes your vape quality compare to other devices?

Take a hit on a fake pod mod and one on alegitimate device and you will no doubt see the difference. Vape juice only tastes as good as thedevice you are vaping it through, and this will often mean that clone deviceshave a far less potent inhale. Pod mods are often used for higher PG juices aswell as nicotine salt infused liquids. The customer requires a certain amountof quality from these, a quality which is not matched by a clone pod system.

Whosold it to you?

You’ll be able to get an idea of the pod modsquality through the vendor you bought it from? If it is not a recognised vapeshop, it is more likely to be a shop which sells fakes.

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