Every year, more and more vape devices are churned out and sold in vape shops, each with their own unique design and with exciting innovations. It’s the life blood of the vape industry, the vape device, full of potential as well broaden our horizons of what heat not burn smoking cessation devices are capable of. As we dive fully into the third generation of vape devices, it’s easy to see what’s changed and where the vape landscape is leading us to. Two elements of new vape devices which have become increasingly popular, have been the box mod design and temperature control settings.

What is box mod vaping?

Box mods are vape devices which allow for interchangeable batteries, tanks and atomisers. This gives them the potential to be incredible powerful. Sometimes known as rebuildable tank atomisers, box mods have the potential to go as high or low resistance as you like, giving you the chance to explore the wide range of vape juice flavours and temperatures possible for a vape device. These sometimes come as unregulated mods, which allow you the chance to create your own circuit board, or as regulated mods, which are safer for the less knowledgeable vaper.

What is temperature control vaping?

Temperature vaping has been around for a while now, some second generation vape pens capitalising on its flexibility. Temperature control gives you the chance to dial up or down the temperature of the vapour your inhaling. The cooler the air, the more vapour you’ll be able to handle in a single breath. The hotter the vapour, the more intense the hit. Everyone has their personal sweet spot, and finding the right one to suit you is made far easier with temperature control settings.

Sigelei TOP1 230W TC Vape MOD

This stunningly simple design has meant that it is perfect for veteran and new vapers alike. This has meant that the Sieglei is an incredibly popular device. With a great grip and a choice of bold designs, the Sieglei makes temperature control incredibly easy with its easy to read display. Whether new to vaping or not, this 230 watt beauty will satisfy all levels.

VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC MOD

With its striking and sleek front, the VaporFi combines ergonomic hand grip and seamless temperature control settings makes it one of the most exciting devices to have come out last year.This high powered device will require you to use two 18650 batteries to support its potent power output. With several colour schemes to choose from, TC vaping doesn't come much better than this.

Tesla XT 220W TC Vape MOD

Echoing back to the designs of the original Tesla Coil, this booming vape mod brings its boxy looks to fit in tandem with an alluring LED display made of a wide range of dazzling colours. Whatever your needs, the Tesla will provide, especially with its modes. The hard, soft and normal and user modes change the taste and wattage to suit how often you vape your UK e juice and the kind of clouds you want to produce.

Eleaf iStick Pico RESIN 75W Vape MOD

With hypnotising colour schemes on its outer cover, these wood finished vape mods give you consistently brilliant vapour production all whilst standing out from the standard designs of mods on the market. If you’re looking for that perfect vape device which matches design with power, then the iStick is the device for you .

VaporFi VEX® 75 TC MOD

With low resistance coils and a flexible input and output, the VaporFi VEX is everything you want from a box mod. With its dial-like display, this device brings hi tech to a new level. The VaporFi allows you to utilise sub ohm, dripper and normal vape tanks, meaning that you can vape the way you want with it. Whilst its power in wattage is unrivalled, the VaporFi comes with a regulated circuit, ensuring that you never overload the system.

Joyetech Espion 200W TC Box MOD

Looking more like a hi tech bluetooth speaker than anything else, this ultra modern and sleek design combines minimalism with sensual vaping experience. Packing a flavour punch at 200 watts, this device comes with an easy to use interface, which allows you to keep a tab on battery life, wattage and temperature control.

Uwell Whirl 22

Although the Uwell has been around for a while, you can never go wrong with the Whirl 22. With its dazzling multi coloured chromatic exterior, this vape pen never fails to pack a punch, whatever temperature your vaping at.

Swag ecig kit Vaporesso

For day to day vaping, you can’t get much more ingenious than the Swag ecig kit from Vaporesso. This sub ohm kit brings 80 watts of power for all day vape juices. On top of this, you can utilise the devices airflow and range of modes, which ensure you can vape at the temperature and wattage you want.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini 100W

For pocket sized vaping which still packs a punch, the iJoy rebuildable dripping atomiser gives you pure vapour experiences alongside variable wattages and voltages. The boxy little mod is also subtle and sleek in its design, and brings a removable 2ml tank with it. This tank ensure that you don’t just have to drip, giving you flexibility in the way you vape.

Subverter 200W Box Mod By Vapor Storm

With a unique design which is as eye catching as it is powerful, the hollow carved red exterior of the Subverter brings a modern edge to the vape design world. With a whopping 200 watts of power, the 0.96 inch colour screen lets you keep a tab on your temperature controls and the resistance at which you are vaping at. Keeping it sweet and simple is the name of the game with the Subverter, exceeding expectations and subverting the norm when it comes to box mod vaping. This device is suitable for sub ohm and normal level vaping, ensuring flexibility and durability in equal measure.

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