Whether you sat on it or let it go through the washing machine, we’ve all had problems with our vape pens, and here are some of the ways you can make these problems an advantage.

A lot of vape devices break. It’s just day to day wear and tear. You could have left it in a washing machine or dropped it whilst running for the bus. Any amount of accidents can happen with your vape device, just like with the rest of the items you own. Fear not however we have compiled some of the ways you can use vape devices breaking to your advantage as well as how to combat against this too regular occurrence.

Vape pen Materials

One of the main things to think about when considering the longevity of your vape device is what material it is made from. Metal, as a more sturdy material is the best material to buy vape products in but can be slightly more expensive. The plastic vape devices which cigalikes often consist of are more flimsy and prone to breakages. These cheaper materials may bring down the price of your vape pen but can lead to a shorter life span. At the end of the day it is up to you what you want from your vape device, whether you’re looking for long lasting fun or a cheap and quick vape hit.

Leaking pen

Leaking vape pens are a common problem and have easily rectifiable solutions. Vape pens and ecig Mods may leak if the atomiser head and clearomizer tank are broken. The vape pen itself will still work, the battery, lights and button will still function but the actual process of vaping will be far harder for you, having to wipe off wasted ejuice from your device.

Keeping on top of your vape pen maintenance is the key here. You must always make sure that the atomizer head is fixed on properly, as this is where much of the ejuice may be leaking from. If it is broken, then you will have to replace or simply tighten it up again.

Other reasons for a leaking pen include overfilling your tank, your atomiser seal rings have fallen off, or the tank has been left for too long in the heat. The one thing to keep in mind is that atomiser heads do need to be replaced every few weeks or so anyway, so any leaking due to this may be completely natural.

Broken pen

One reason for a broken pen may be in damage to the battery or the tank. These can break if you drop your pen or have accidentally sat on it. This problem may be more difficult to fix without buying a replacement as it is the hardware itself which is broken or faulty. Other problems with the tank ay include that you have not cleaned it properly.

Siphoning vape liquid

So you’re vape device I s leaking but you want to save that precious juice. Not to worry, you can always try siphoning off your vape juice into a new container. There are many refillable vape containers you can buy and siphoning off your vape juice into one may be a great way to save wasted juice from a faulty device. What’s more this gives you a chance to try your own concoctions, siphoning off various different flavours and finding blends which work for you.

Cannabis Oils as topicals

In countries where cannabis oils are legal, you can always use the leaked vape juice as a topical instead. This means using the juice to make an oil for use on painful joints or muscles acting as a relaxant and pain killer.

Ecig mods

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