One of the main concerns in home safety and vaping is in how you use and take care of your batteries. Here’s all you’ll need to know.

In recent years there has been a growing concern over the fire risk of vaping. Whilst cigarettes have caused 60 deaths through fires in the last year in London alone, there have been many accidents involving vape devices. Just the other month, a vape device exploded in Euston station leading to a full evacuation and bomb scare. These accidents have the potential to be very dangerous indeed and therefore it’s a good idea to take the necessary precautions so as to negate as much risk as possible. These accidents mostly come from the improper use of vape batteries or using subpar batteries which are not fit for your vape device or vape liquid.

First things first

Making sure that the batteries you are using in your vape device are safe for use is your first step on the road to vape safety. First off, make sure that the battery you’re using is compatible with your device and that it was bought from a reliable source. This problem has led to power outages and even fires in the past because the battery couldn’t handle the power required of it. Then make sure there is no damage to your battery wrap. The battery wrap usually consists of a plastic layer thinly surrounding the battery pack. This is there to make sure none of the liquids used within can escape as they can be corrosive like with all batteries. Always make sure that your battery is in a good condition before you do anything else, regardless of the type of vape device you are using.

Starter kits

Every wannabe vaper needs to learn the ropes somehow. Starting with a vaping starter kit may be just the way to do this. These devices usually come with simple to use charging kits and low powered batteries. Usually the vape device itself looks something like a “cigalike” or a vape pen, using less power and reserved mainly for novice or casual vapers. These devices usually use 18650 batteries and are available from manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Sony. If these batteries have been rewrapped, that is if plastic casing has been stripped and another put on, it could have degraded in quality. These are just some of the things to look out for when starting out with your vape starter kit. You should rest easy in the knowledge however that most batteries and of course all coming from vape shops and reliable retailers are going to be of the best quality.

Regulated mod batteries

Regulated mods include a circuit board and therefore need higher powered devices. These devices have adjustable settings of wattages and voltages and are therefore more adaptable to your needs. This means that your batteries needed to be adaptable too. Many regulated mods come with an internal battery which you can then charge up without taking off the device itself. With these batteries always make sure that the charging station matches the power output of the vape device.

Unregulated mods batteries

Unregulated or mechanical mods have no circuits, unlike its regulated counterpart. These mods should eb used with rigorous caution due to the fact that all the power is sent straight to the coil, meaning you should never exceed the battery amps of your device. To find out how many amps you need for this device, simply take the discharge rate of the battery being used and divide it by your voltage level by coil resistance, measured in ohms. On top of this make sure your vape batteries are correct. For unregulated mods you’ll usually be faced with IMR or LiPo batteries. Always research your unregulated vapes battery type.

Vape liquid

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