Finding the right vaporiser for you can be incredibly overwhelming, especially with so many devices being sold which claim to be the best out there. With new features, unique looks, and personalised functions, it can often be difficult to decide what the best vape device for you is. However, when it comes down to it, flavour is everything and whatever device you use, the flavour and functionality is the important thing.

Take a look at this list of some of the best vape products that have come on the market this year at No. 1 e juice UK. Whether you want a simple mouth to lung device or a crazy new nic salt flavour, there are plenty of options to keep you satisfied.

10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot

Nicotine shots are usually bottles filled with concentrated nicotine. These are primarily used for short fill e juices, bottles of e liquid which have no nicotine inside them. Whilst this may seem counterintuitive to some, short fill nicotine free e juice bottles come with 20 percent of the bottle empty, allowing you to add your own nicotine shots. This gives you more control over the amount of nicotine you’re ingesting, and just a little drop of this 18 mg bottle will be enough to satisfy the average vaper.

E-Liquid Gambling Pack 250ml

Made from a handpicked selection of some of our favourite brands, the E-liquid Gambling pack is made from 250 ml of great brands. Think of this pack as a pick ‘n’ mix of vape juice flavours, randomised for the adventurous vaper. Who knows, you might find your new favourite vape flavour!

Nic The Juice - Salt Nicotine Shot - 10ml - 18mg

Nic the Juice is a unique addition to the vape juice range. Made from a 50/50 PG VG ratio, Nic the Juice incorporates nicotine salt into its smooth flavour, the Nic the Juice nicotine slat shot is perfect for your short fill vape juices. If you’re looking for that extra kick of nicotine in your short fill liquid, these nicotine shots will ensure that if you like your nicotine concentrations high, the vape hit stays smooth.

Zeltu X Replaceable Pods

The Zeltu X is one of the most popular pod mods on the market today. With this replacement pod you’ll find that if anything happens to the cartridge in your Zeltu device, you have a cheap and simple replacement right here. At such a low price, these pods are best bought in bulk.

Snap Liquids 300ml Value Pack

Made from 300 ml bottles, the Snap Liquids value packs have been brought together into tasty value packs, helping you save even more money on your vape liquids. If you’re looking for high quality and unique flavours, then Snap Liquids are the ones for you, coming in 3 mg nicotine and 70 VG vape flavours, making them perfect for a vaping session.

Snap Liquids 90ml Value Pack

With flavours like Mad Mango and Iced Tea, you’ll really taste the difference with one of Snap Liquids other value packs of 90 ml. Save even more money whilst also getting to choose from a wide range of unique and refreshing flavours. These TPD compliant liquids will keep you coming back for more.

E-Liquid Gambling Pack 190ml

Another hefty gambling pack from No.1 Ejuice, this pack brings you a wide range of brands so that you can experience some of the best flavours out there. This gambling pack gives you a chance to try new flavours and maybe even find your new favourite!

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