Best Juul Alternatives at No1 E Juice

Whilst Juul pod mods might have flooded the e liquid market, they don’t necessarily have to flood your personal vape collection. The handy, pocket-sized Juul device can be found in countless shops up and down the country, leading some ex-smokers to think that it may be the only one of its kind out there.

Luckily enough, No 1 EJuice stocks a whole host of alternative devices and some of the best UK e liquids to go with them. Whilst Juuls are great for what they are, they don’t necessarily utilise all the vaping options that come with the cartridge-based pod mod. If you’re on the lookout for a few alternatives, we’ve compiled a list of some other cartridge-based pod devices that we definitely think you’ll enjoy

What is a pod mod?

Before we look at the options, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the attributes of a pod-based device. A pod mod differs from a rebuildable atomiser in that it doesn’t come with a refillable tank. Instead of buying e-liquid to fill up your tank, a pod device comes with cartridges prefilled with vape juice. With many devices, you simply click the cartridge in and inhale. Many of the recent pod mods come with temperature control settings, making them even more customisable.

IVG Salt Nic Pod Device

The IVG Salt Nic device is similar to the Juul in that it is inhale activated, but differs in many other ways. With the cartridges available for this amazing device utilising nic salt mixes, you can expect a smoother vape hit suitable for heavier smokers. With its 2 ml pods, you’ll find a range of flavours to choose from the IVG range.

Vype ePen

The Vype ePen 3 is a powerful pod mod which again utilises naturally occurring nicotine salts for a more robust e liquid flavour and hit. The Vype ePen also offers up a more powerful system than its predecessors, ensuring with its650 mAh battery system and easy to use plug and play pods. Furthermore, the Vype Pen looks the part with its cool yet ergonomic design.

Mojo Vape Disposable Pod Kit

Mojo vapes have created a disposable pod kit with 1.2 ml cartridges and a range of flavours to choose from. The 20 mg capsules mean that each cartridge holds the same amount of nicotine as about 20 cigarettes, making it the perfect smoking cessation tool for ex-smokers looking for a simple yet stylish alternative.

ATVS Ghost Vape Pod Kit

With 10 to 12 watts worth of power, the ATVS Ghost Vape is the perfect solution for sturdy and practical vaping. With its aluminium alloy frame, this lightweight device features an LED indicator and smooth and subtle vape hits.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

The Aspire Nautilus differs from older vape pods in that it not only has a firing button but a locking mechanism to ensure there are no accidental misfires when pocketed. The Aspire Nautilus also brings a unique coil as the main focus of the device. The Nautilus BVC coil was made popular by previous Aspire devices but is now back to give your pod mod that extra punch.

Now that you know what devices to use, you should explore some of the best UK e liquids. Shop now!

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