Best Box Mods at No 1 Ejuice

For the veteran vaper, box mods are the best choice for a flexible yet powerful vaping experience. From the rebuildable mod to the mechanical, there are countless options give you the chance to find your perfect sweet spot.

Vaping, and especially the box mod, has been designed to be as flexible, unique and personalised as you want it to be. Ensuring that you have everything you need for your perfect vaping experience is all part of the change. But what exactly is a box mod, and what’s on offer at our vape shop?

Regulated box mods

A regulated box mod is kitted out with inner circuitry and customisable parts, but is kept regulated by safety features. These safety features ensure a safer vaping experience and mean that you can’t reach over the maximum output of the device. This makes the regulated box mod a perfect fit for the vaper who’s looking to up their game but isn’t comfortable with building their own deck from scratch.

Mechanical box mods

These devices give you full control over the vape kit and its circuitry. The Mechanical mod allows you to build a circuit deck from scratch, giving you the chance to experiment with sub ohm systems, high wattage/voltage outputs and a fully customisable deck, perfect for getting the most out of your e liquid flavours.

V God Elite Mechanical Mod

This simple yet beautiful mechanical mod is the perfect match for mech mad vapers. With its beautiful copper chassis and an amazing hitting factor, this pocket-sized device gives you full reign over the rebuildable components, resulting in a powerful and satisfying vape hit. For a sturdy mech mod with extra style, the V God always hits the mark.

Eeries Series Mech Mod by Mask Group

With its stunning gold plated design, the Mask Groups Eeries Series vape mod is built specifically for vaping enthusiasts and competitors in vape trick games. With a great grip and fully customisable decks, the Eeries Series new addition invites you to explore and experiment with the very limits of vaping.

Vandy Vape Pulse Box Mod

This bottom-fed squonk device gives you the chance to keep your device as e liquid optimised as possible. With a simple yet bold look, the Vandy Vape Pulse Box Mod gives you the chance to chop and change your deck as well as the aesthetic design of the outer casing. With its locking power switch and spring-loaded 510, this is a box mod made accessible for even the uninitiated.

Aegis Legend Box Mod

The Aegis Legend is both shock and water-resistant (not that you’d want to vape underwater) and ensures a smart AS Chipset which is fully adaptable to your vaping methods. With a flexible power outage of up to 200 watts, this regulated mod brings style and flavour enhancement together in one neat little package.

Green Ram BF Box Mod

Another bottom feeding device, the Green Ram has a unique marbled design alongside a gold plated firing button. With just one 18650 battery needed, the Green Ram makes the most of its efficient power system.

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