3 Reasons Sub Ohm Vaping is the Best For You - What to Know

Sub-ohming is the same as vaping using an e-cigarette, except that it has a coil resistance level of under one ohm. When speaking of resistance, it refers to the level of resistance that a circuit emits against the flow of electricity. It is also a style of vaping in which you can produce large vapour clouds. In the sub-ohm vape, the circuit can be found in the coil of an atomizer. 

Explore your vaping option

For other people, the only options you can choose from are the size, colour, and flavour of the vapours. However, for many vape enthusiasts out there, they know that several options are available depending on your vaping preferences. There is the regular vaping, sub-ohm, above-ohm, stealth vaping, among many others. Regular vaping is different from sub-ohm because, unlike regular vaping, sub-ohm only has a resistance of 0.5 ohms or lower.

In sub-ohm, it involves vaping with direct-to-lung coils with lower resistance. It shouldn’t be confused with stealth vaping, which also has direct-to-lung features. The primary difference is that its resistance level goes up to more than 0.5 ohms. Aside from that, stealth vaping operates with lower power. It is different from a sub-ohm it requires the power capacity of at least 40 watts and can even go as high as 300 watts. 

Reasons sub-ohm is a better option

If you’re still looking around the market for vape options, there are several factors you need to consider. We’ve listed below the three reasons sub-ohm vaping might be the best option for you.

1. It produces more vapour

Sub-ohm produces a denser vapour compared to a regular vape device. Because of this, it produces a bigger vapour cloud even with minimal effort of blowing. It creates the biggest clouds which will give you the edge in vaping competitions. 

2. It has more flavorful vaping

With low resistance in the coil, the vape retains more flavour by vaporizing more e-liquid. It means that the denser the vapour, the more flavorful it becomes. If you’re planning to compete soon in a vaping competition, try vaping with sub-ohm using high VG e-liquids. Other than producing the biggest clouds, it also does it without compromising the taste of the vape juice.

3. It offers better satisfaction with minimal nicotine

Sub-ohm vaping makes you feel like you’re inhaling more nicotine, but it actually cuts down the nicotine level. A sub-ohm tank will require only less than 6mg of nicotine but still produce better satisfaction in every hit.

4. It produces warmer vapour

Hitting the sub-ohm vape is relatively warmer compared to other vaping devices because it comes from the high power capacity of the device. Likewise, this is best for vapers who prefer to keep themselves at the right of warmness because it won’t get to the point of being too hot. 


Now you know all the advantages of sub-ohm vaping, you can be more confident in chasing bigger cloud production. Keep in mind, however, that although this skill seems fun, you also need to be responsible while doing it. Try to learn as much as possible about sub-ohming and be updated with the latest facts to handle it safely.

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