Different Types of Vape Kits

Since the beginning of the 2010s, vape kits have become a mainstream thing. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or looking to get into the popular vaping culture, knowing about the different types of vape kits is essential.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different types available, which is the first step in picking the perfect vape kit for you.

Box Mods

Box mods are the most advanced mods out there. They allow you to control the temperature levels automatically, plus the power and vapour production.

These mods feature a superior battery life – most mods require a pair of 18550 batteries, which are easily swappable.

This mod type also comes with a chipset, which allows you to change various aesthetic features such as screen lighting and colour, but also functional things, such as puff count limits and the hardness/softness of the pull.

The modern box mods are shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, or at least offer resistance in these terms. Some also have built-in Bluetooth speakers and even boast voice control.

Additionally, box mods allow you to swap the vape tanks, which brings even more customization to the table.

AIO Vapes

“AIO” stands for “All-In-One.” As you’d presume, AIO vapes are very easy-to-use and are built for convenience. They commonly have a single button used for operation, but some people prefer drawing from the mouthpiece. AIOs don’t feature swappable batteries, but their batteries are chargeable, which you’re probably used to with most of your devices.

AIO vapes typically feature a very compact design, which is exactly what makes them among the most popular vape kits on the market. They are particularly convenient and popular for people who are transitioning from smoking.

Starter Vape Kits

Although these kits are great for beginners, they are widely used by experienced vapers, as well. Inside the box, you get a tube/box mod type, a vape tank, a few atomizers, some spare parts, and a charging cable. Just get your hands on the batteries, and you’re good to go. Starter Vape kits often allow you to choose the CBD vape juice, allowing for an instantaneous vaping experience. This makes starter vape kits great for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Cigarlike (E-Cigarettes)

Yes, some people refer to vape kits in general as “E-cigarettes.” This isn’t wrong – vape kits are equivalent to E-cigarettes. With that said, many people use this term when talking about cigar likes. But what are cigar likes, exactly? Well, they’re vapes that look a lot like your typical cigarettes. They resemble regular cigarettes in size, shape, and colour. However, they can come in a variety of different designs.

The one-piece designs are disposable, while two-piece cigar likes come with replaceable cartridges, which are swappable. These are convenient, small, simple to use, discreet, very affordable, and brilliant for transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.

Vape Pens

Although cigar likes are great by themselves, vape pens perform much, much better. Vape pens are also somewhat larger and are, essentially, “lite” versions of box mods. Vape pens consist of the vape tank and the battery. Some models are all-in-one, while others allow you to detach the tank from the battery.

These vaping devices boast stable battery lives, ease of use, dependable performance, and replaceable parts. Vape pens are the go-to choice of intermediate vapers. As a beginner, you’re probably going to be able to adapt to these devices but be prepared for an adjustment period.


Pods are the youngest vape kit type to hit the market. Pod vapes are two-piece vape kits – you get a refillable pod and the battery.

Pod vapes excel at performance when compared to other vape kits. They are ideal for nicotine salt e-juice. The pods are both refillable and replaceable, and this vape type, in general, is great for stealth vaping and very practical.

Understanding Vape Kit Types

This list offers a basic overview of various types of vape kits available on the market. Each type will find its target audience. As a beginner, you’re best off picking a simple-to-use kit that doesn’t offer a wide variety of options. As an advanced vaper, the more vape kit types you try, the better. To get the perfect understanding of how vape kits work, sample as many different types as you can.

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