Your First Vape Juice Kits – What to Expect

Are you only now getting interested in an alternative nicotine delivery system? Or would you simply like to experience the vape movement and see what it’s all about, without introducing harmful toxins into your system?

If either option applies to you, it may be time to consider browsing for your first vape juice kits and see what appeals to you. Here's the information you need before making a decision, regarding price, flavour, and the necessary combination of accessories to get you started properly.

The Basic Kit Configuration

If you’re new to vaping here are some facts you need to know about your first kit. First of all, always start by buying a kit since it comes with all complementary accessories you need to enjoy your vaping experience.

A kit should contain a pen and atomiser, as well as a case, charger, and (occasionally) a sample E-Juice. These are the basic components of a vape kit, and almost everything you need to vape your favourite E-liquid.

Of course, atomisers come in many forms as the vaping technology has evolved over the years. Not all e-cigarettes look the same or work in the same way anymore. Some are better than others, others healthier, others simply cheaper.

It depends on what you can afford or want to try. That said, early on, you might want to avoid getting too fancy.

What You Need Along with Your Kit

Apart from the basic components, previously listed, you may need some additional accessories. Some kits come with chargers but others run on batteries. Batteries are rarely included as is the E-Juice itself. You have to buy those separately in most cases.

Think Long-Term

Not all E-Juice kits last very long. Some come with a limited amount of atomiser heads. After which, you’ll need a refill. Some kits that feature tanks come with coils that don’t last more than two to three weeks.

Longevity is also another way to compare and differentiate between standard vape kits and premium vape kits. The same can be said about how long a charge lasts or how quickly the batteries drain.

E-Juice Kits – Are They Worth It?

In most cases, they are, even for first-timers. Even if you end up not liking vaping, you can always resell what’s left of your stock. Remember that E-Liquids are in high demand.

Furthermore, kits generally offer better value, including kits or bundles that contain only the liquids. Manufacturers make large batches and are looking to cash in as fast as possible since it’s a fast-growing industry.

Another benefit of choosing a kit or bundle over individual pods is the variety. Chances are you don’t know what you want to experiment with early on. So having as many options as possible is an advantage as you can narrow down a couple of flavours that please you.

Afterwards, you can focus on just those flavours, and order them in bulk online in order to save money and ensure you never run out of your favourite E-Juice.

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