What You Need to Know About Nicotine Salts: Our Guide

Nicotine salts are a relative newcomer, but they're gradually becoming a craze in the vaping world. An increasing number of vape enthusiasts have preferred to take advantage of them because they're great for individuals who want to switch from smoking to vaping. They are also best for those who want to jumpstart their vaping experience but don't know where to start. Ultimately, the nic salts allow vapers to consume a higher nicotine strength without the harsh throat hit, yet here's more to this than you may expect.

In this article, we'll delve into what you need to know about nicotine salts so that you can have an optimal vaping experience.

Nicotine salts in a nutshell

Nicotine salts are just like any other vape juices; it is a form of liquid used for vaping. However, what makes them unique is their nicotine content. In essence, the 'salt' refers to the chemical composition present in them, which is naturally occurring in tobacco leaves and has a neutral pH level. 

If you want to know how they're prepared, nic salts are actually heated at an extremely high temperature as a way to release the nicotine content. They are then combined with benzoic acid to allow easy absorption in the body and low vaporising temperature.

The common attributes of nicotine salts 

It's worth knowing that most e-liquid products contain free-base nicotine. For the uninitiated, free-base nicotine is chemically separated from the natural salts, which is considered the "purest" form and deemed a standard in the vaping world. Below are several common attributes of nic salts:

  • Lower vaporising temperature
  • Less liquid used
  • Easy absorbability
  • More intense flavours
  • Less intense throat hit
  • Ideal for sub-ohm vaping for large cloud formation

Types of vape devices ideal for nicotine salts

It's important to know what vape devices are best for nic salts consumption because you need one that regulates the ideal temperature necessary to create the vapour. For your reference, below are the most popular devices for nic salts:

  • Pods: They are an e-cig device used to vape nicotine through a mouthpiece. They can be refilled with salts into the empty cartridge at varying levels of nicotine content.
  • Cartridges: They are small cartridges of concentrated vape juice used together with vape pens and other types of batteries. With these, salts can be refilled as well.

Ultimately, both devices work best with nicotine salts brought by their chemical stability and high nicotine content.

Who should try nicotine salts?

If you have never tried nic salts before, here are the people who should try it:

  • Those who want to quit smoking and plan to switch to vaping
  • Those who have already tried vaping, but hasn't yet worked out
  • Those who want to start vaping but don't know how to proceed and a bit wary of high-tech devices being used
  • Those who need a higher nicotine content, but less throat hit


At this point, you now know what vaping nicotine salts entail, so be sure to consider the valuable information discussed above. As an e-liquid product, they are a top-notch option that every vaper must take advantage of. With nic salts, you'll surely enjoy their more intense flavours and less throat hit that will kick your vaping experience up a notch!

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