Vaping & Dehydration: The Cause & Ways to Avoid It While Cloud Chasing - What to Know

Vaping is an excellent option for people who are looking to explore the different flavours of e-liquids as well as serve as an effective alternative to smoking tobacco. It’s steadily becoming mainstream as it proves to be the healthier option with its fewer harmful side effects compared to the bevvy of risks you’ll find in traditional cigarettes. 

That doesn’t mean that vaping too much doesn’t have its own downsides. One of the most common side effects is dehydration, which can be annoying and cough-inducing at its worst. Understanding the cause behind dry mouth when vaping will help you chase clouds without a mouth full of sand by the end of the hit. 

Why Does Vaping Cause Dehydration? 

Smoking vapour doesn’t necessarily mean that there is water in the e-liquid. One of its components and primary culprit, propylene glycol (PG), is a hygroscopic substance that binds or holds water. This means that inhaling the e-juice when vaping exposes you to the humectant (PG), which extracts the water from your mouth, nose, and eyes. 

That’s why vaping with a higher content of PG increases the chances of experiencing dehydration. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk by choosing e-liquids with a higher blend of vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycol (PG). 

Different Ways to Combat Vaping Dehydration

Avoid Dehydrating Drinks 

Mixing coffee, alcohol, or soda with vaping will only create a recipe for disaster as the substances do not blend well together. In fact, the aforementioned drinks have a similar tendency to draw water from the body, which means that combining it with e-liquid will only make you feel more parched. 

With that in mind, the best way to drink coffee, alcohol, or soda without the risk of discomfort is by supplementing it with more glasses of water. It’s better to avoid smoking and drinking in the first place as chugging water in between other drinks can also be an uncomfortable experience. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables 

Another effective way to freshen up and hydrate your body faster than water is to eat fruits and vegetables. The former includes watermelon, grapefruit, peach, and orange, while the latter refers to leafy greens like iceberg lettuce, celery, radish, cucumber, and zucchini. 

Regularly including a mix of water-rich fruits and vegetables in your regimen will also ensure that you can maintain a hydrating diet in the long run. 

Drink More Water 

Of course, increasing your water intake involves drinking plenty of glasses of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Doctors recommend the usual six to eight glasses a day, but vapers will need to drink more as the compounds in e-liquid are known to be humectants. 

This means that it sucks up the water from your body, so you need to double your water intake to combat the dehydrating side effects. 

The Bottom Line 

Vaping is a famously healthier alternative to smoking, which is what makes cloud chasing a fun and helpful experience for smokers in the world. While it doesn’t have a bevvy of adverse side effects, feeling a sense of dehydration when vaping too much is a common occurrence due to the e-liquid’s water-absorbing compounds.

With that in mind, the guide above should clue you in on the best ways to effectively combat vaping dehydration. If you’re looking to learn more about vape ejuice tips and news in the UK, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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