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One reason people vape is because of the variety of flavours out in the market. The selection is crazy—from fruity notes to chocolatey and candy notes—you can find whatever flavour you have in mind.

What one doesn’t expect and always gives them a shock is when their vape juice suddenly tastes off. It wouldn’t make sense, especially if you’ve just bought a fresh bottle for your vape. Still, there are several reasons your vape juice could taste bad.

When vape users say that their e-juice tastes bad, they could mean that it tastes burnt or metallic. There are several reasons this happens, but a common issue could be your hardware. Here’s a list to help prevent you from having to taste bad vape juice:

Make sure your wick has enough juice

Excessive vaping can cause your vape’s wick to dry out and give your juice a burnt taste. A dry wick can destroy your atomiser. The atomiser is the heating element that turns your vape juice into vapour. To prevent this from happening, you would want to tilt your device slowly from left to right to help wet the wick with your e-juice. 

Another reason this could happen is that you’re vaping in a high-temperature setting. You’d want to control and limit the heat you are using to avoid burnt and dry hits.

Check if your vape coil is already old

If your e-juice tastes burnt and vapour production is poor, your coil could be old. A remedy you can do is to have your vape coil replaced and have it primed. That will help prevent your e-juice from tasting burnt and spoiling the hardware of your device. 

There are several signs you can watch out for to know if your vape coil needs changing. Aside from the burnt taste, you can hear gurgling sounds when you take hits, and your e-juice may leak out of your device. Save your hardware by changing your coil regularly.

Keep your device clean and in great shape

Once you’re aware that your vaping device still produces burnt tastes in every hit even if you’ve tried all remedies, you probably must get the whole thing cleaned out. Most devices come with instructions on how to clean out your device safely. Cleaning your device is not only good for your e-liquid, but it will also save your device from being ruined.

Don’t go beyond the recommended wattage

Every vaping device has a recommended range of wattages, so make sure that you stay within the range. High wattages could exceed the coil’s limit, resulting in e-juice vaporising too fast. The coils could also burn the wick even when there’s still some juices left.


Now that you know some signs and reasons your e-juice could taste, this won’t be too much of a shock to you anymore. Prevention is key to a great vaping experience; so if you’re starting to feel that you're getting off-tasting e-juice, it’s time to take care of your hardware. By being responsible for your device, you’ll be having better vaping experiences from now on.

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