The Various Flavours of Monsta Vape

Monsta Vape is among the most popular e-liquid lines worldwide. As such, it provides some of the most exciting flavours for your vaping needs.

In this entry, we’re going to discuss a variety of cool flavours from this amazing company. If you’re into cooling freeze flavours, you can expect a lot from the Monsta Vape line of e-liquids.

The Benefits of Monsta Vape Juice

This company isn’t at the top of e-liquid makers without good reason. For one, Monsta Vape uses quality ingredients to bring you the highest quality products.

Their refreshing freeze taste, combined with various fruity flavours, is a unique signature that you won’t find elsewhere.

Reasonable affordability is another factor that has many vaping enthusiasts flocking to this brand.


Not every e-liquid is compatible with every electronic vaping device on the market. Fortunately, some e-liquids are compatible with all. Monsta Vape is one of them. The content of Monsta Vape liquids is 70% glycerine VG and 30% propylene glycol PG. This makes every Monsta Vape juice compatible with everything from the most basic e-cigarettes to the most advanced vaping devices.

Various Flavours

Now, let’s get into the variety of e-juice flavours that Monsta Vape has to offer. It’s up to you which one you like the best, but one thing’s for certain – they are all unique.

Screamo Mango

This e-liquid goes perfectly with the Monsta Vape signature cooling sensation effect. This is often the choice of people just getting into Monsta Vape juices.

Zesty Grappy

This e-juice brings an apple juice flavour that uses the freeze effect to freshen your mouth with each vape.

Sweet Sour

If you’re into more exotic flavours and as a bit of excitement in addition to mellow sweetness, the Sweet Sour e-liquid will keep you satisfied.

Strawz Apple

If you ever wondered how a strawberry-apple vapour flavour combo might taste, you can find out with the Strawz Apple e-juice.

Geeky Melon

What better summer refreshment than chilled melon? Maybe this is why the Geeky Melon goes so well with the signature Monsta Vape freezing effect. All we know is – it works brilliantly.



Testing and Compliance

One of the main rules of safe vaping is being aware of where your products come from. Seeing as how you’re directly absorbing the vapour into the lungs, you’ll want to make sure that you’re safe.

All Monster Vape products are TPD-compliant, which means that they’ve been properly toxicologically assessed.

TPD is short for Tobacco Products Directive. This compliance is UK government-issued. You can trust TPD to vouch for the safety of the certified products.

Bear in mind that non-TPD products shouldn’t be used as they may cause various health and legal complications.

Monsta Vape Is Tasty, Unique, and Fun

Given the various exciting tastes that Monsta Vape brings to the market, you’ll never get bored of them. The unique combination of the Monsta Vape signature cooling effect works great with every fruity taste on offer. This makes the vaping experience unique, fun, and incredibly tasty.

As a final note, they aren’t expensive –so go ahead, grab a Monsta Vape juice and give it a go.

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