According to the article published in the Health Sentinel, the Indiana Youth Institute executive director was quoted saying: "If you vape the whole electronic cigarette canister at one time, it is the same as smoking one and a half packets of tobacco cigarettes at one time."

Although, it might be true that vaping a full e-liquid cartridge is approximately equivalent to smoking one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes in terms of nicotine intake: it is apparently untrue that vaping one e-liquid cartridge is equivalent to smoking one and a half packs of tobacco cigarettes. The fact that one cartridge can expose you to glycerine and/or propylene glycol, nicotine, flavouring, and potentially other by-products like acrolein and formaldehyde, smoking one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes can expose you to more than 15,000 chemicals, including over 65 known carcinogens as well as radioactivity. So the statement about the content of one cartridge of e-liquied compared to the packs of tobacco cigarettes is blatantly false.

Again, the article has caught the opponents of electronic cigarettes lying about the relative health risks of vaping and smoking. In fact the lie is a damaging one, because it suggests that inhaling vapour from a device, which involve no combustion and contain no tobacco is more hazardous that smoking. The statement seriously undermines the appreciation of the serious dangers of cigarette smoking by the public.

Why is it that the opponents of electronic cigarettes lie to support their opposition? Well, I think the evidence doesn't support their position. The truth, based on the current scientific evidence suggests that electronic cigarettes is helping millions of smokers in the world to either significantly reduce the amount of tobacco cigarettes they smoke or quit. Besides reducing the number of smokers, electronic cigarettes are not undermining the smoking cessation, not serving as a gateway to youth smoking and are not making ex-smokers to return to smoking.

It is very unfortunate for electronic cigarettes opponents to fabricate evidence to mislead the public. Telling the truth doesn't need to lie to the public or distort the current scientific evidence.

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