Juice vs Liquid Vaping

Believe it or not, E liquid, UK users think liquid is better than E-juice. Many even use these terms interchangeably, while others swear that each one should have a specific meaning.

The definitive answer to this vaper’s debate may surprise you. But it should be the least of your concerns when deciding where to buy your favourite flavour from.

Is E-Juice Different from E-Liquid – UK Users Answer

Ever heard of the term vape juice or vaping liquid? It’s the same as E-juice or E-liquid. Using the two interchangeably is fine because it’s the same descriptive terminology.

Neither makes a specific reference to how the liquid tastes or has been formulated. It has more to do with how users feel about the substance.

While E-liquid may be used more, that’s because of its formal appeal or connotation. The alternative is more of a jovial or casual nickname. But in no way does it change the definition of the substance.

The same combination of flavourings, glycerine, water, nicotine, and propylene glycol is found in the substance, no matter how you refer to it.

So, what does this mean for you? – It means that you should spend less time worrying about terminology and focus more on the things that matter.

Locating the Best E-Liquid – UK Options

By far the best way to buy E-liquid in the UK is shopping at an online store. A reputable online vape shop will have a much better selection than most physical stores.

With the added bonus, of course, that you don’t have to hop in your car and drive for miles to get a refill. Furthermore, buying online is now cheaper than ever if you’re counting all the deals, value packs, and discounts – not to mention free shipping in the UK.

Best of all, you can order your favourite E-liquid online from anywhere in the country. This is great for vapers that live nowhere near a vape shop.

Expand Your Horizon

Another underrated trait of online vape shops is how many more things they actually sell. Vapers don’t just need kits and E-liquid. They may also want a variety of flavours, different pods, spare tanks, and other accessories.

All this inventory ends up taking lots of space. Space that many small physical vape shops simply can’t afford. Online shops don’t have storage issues. Hence why catalogues are larger and the selection bigger.

If you want to make sure that you can get all your favourite flavours and different quantities all in one go, then doing some online shopping may be the only way.

Focus on What Matters

Whether you need a refill on your CBD, want chocolate-flavoured nicotine, or replacement coils, you need to visit a reputable E-liquid shop. Very few actually sell the best at such affordable prices.

Looking for a bargain? The online medium is the way to go. And if you move on to proper search filters and user reviews, instead of getting hung up on terminology, you’ll spend less time without having a decent-sized stock of your favourite vaping juice.

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