You’ll Be Amazed at How Many Varieties of Menthol Vape Juice We Have

There’s something incredibly refreshing about inhaling a cloud of minty smoke. In the past, the best you could get were menthol cigarettes. However, not only are they are more addictive than normal cigarettes, but they’re soon to be banned across much of Europe.

Luckily for you menthol fans out there, here at No.1 Ejuice we have over 175 varieties of menthol vape juice flavours to choose from, from straight up menthol to all sorts of flavour mixes. We’ve got fruit blends of almost any flavour you can think of and mint chocolate chip for the ice cream lovers. There are also unexpected but delicious combinations like cola and mint, and sweet and sour candy and menthol.

Whatever minty flavour you’re looking for, chances are that you’ll find it in our incredible range of tasty menthol e-liquid options.

Why Buy Your Menthol Vape Juice from No.1 Ejuice?

We provide our customers with excellent service and an unbeatable selection of flavours, which is why we’re one of the largest distributors of e-cigarettes in the UK. We’ve partnered with over 150 prominent manufacturers to provide you with only the best tasting e-liquids, as well a huge variety of vape kits and accessories.

With free postage on UK orders over £20, and international orders over £60, as well as regular giveaways and sales on many of out leading brands, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you check out our extensive selection.

Take a Look at Our Best-Selling Menthol Vape Juice Flavours

Here’s just a few of our top menthol e-liquid options, to give you an idea of the incredible range of minty flavours at your disposal.

Blue Slush by Slushy Brothers

Blue Slush is the perfect flavour for a hot summer’s day, combining the refreshing coolness of menthol with the juicy sour punch of a blue raspberry slushy.

Coolcumber by DripX Vapour

Coolcumber doubles down on the refreshment factor by mixing menthol with cucumber, to create a mouth-wateringly sophisticated blend.

Soda-Lish on ICE by MoMo E-liquid

Soda-Lish on ICE is a fruity blend that you can enjoy all year long. The cool refreshing iciness of menthol is combined freshly-squeezed lemonade with ripe raspberries, grapefruit and plum.

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