It’s safe to say that the last decade has seen the biggest upsurge in technological innovations since humanity began inventing. With the invention of the internet and smart phones, technology has begun what can only be described as a snowballing effect, revolutionising year after year with research becoming ever quicker due to the technology it’s creating. It’s a cycle which will only continue to spin faster and faster, taking into it’s whirlwind any and everything which is capable of evolving apst it’s present state. This goes for the smoking of marijuana. No longer will people have to smoke by rolling up the plant matter itno a joint or combing with tobacco, heating and smoking with fire, but now can smoke through the devices which are now curbing smoking habits across the globe.

Smoking laws changing

With the change in TPR (Tobacco Product Regulation) laws, the face of smoking has been changing for years. This has obviously affected the way that people smoke cannabis, mainly because many people smoke the herb with tobacco mixed in. With the changes of laws on which public spaces you can smoke in, vaping has become far easier and simpler to engage in than smoking tobacco and marijuana prducts ever was. In part, this is because there are less components, everything you need is already within the vape kit whilst rolling a joint means that you need rolling papers, the ingredients, filter tips and a lighter. With laws throughout many states in the US relaxing on medical marijuana, it’s also becoming easier to purchase it in its vape form


There’s no smoke without fire, until now that is. Vape smoking requires you to burn no products, the vape smoke coming instead from heated water which turns to vapour. The E Liquid Flavours and in this case, the cannabis comes come from the oils from within these juices and are combined with water to turn into the vape clouds, often denser and therefore more fun than cigarette smoke. The main benefit of this is in its effects on your health. Burning anything with a flame and inhaling it is going to bring with it some negative effects on your health, and this goes with classic cannabis burning. Cigarette smoke has over 300 different dangerous chemicals and whilst there are less carcinogens in cannabis, there are still a sizeable amount more than there are in cannabis oil for vaping kits, making it the safest way to smoke cannabis.

How they do it

To vape Cannabis you must use the flavour and ingredients and boil it down into oil. Most vape juices are made of a mixture of or either propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. It is in the vegetable glycerine chemical in which flavours are infused and when vaped, are heated by the electricity running through the vape coil. This vape coil is heated by the vape device’s battery and it’s the connection with this which heats up the vape juice within, letting you breathe not smoke but water vapour infused with the flavours.

Devices you can smoke cannabis on

The great thing about ejuices is that they can be smoked on pretty much any vape device. For beginners looking for an introductory cannabis experience, you should try vape pens. These mild devices are intuitive to use due to their resemblance in length to a standard cigarette, whilst also not dishing out hard hits. For the seasoned pros, box devices might be the best choice. This is due to their functionality and pocket size letting you pick up and vape any time you feel like it.

​e liquid flavours

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