More and more people are giving up smoking. As the world begins to pay attention to, and see the damage caused by smoking, more and more people are giving up the cigs. On average it takes about 2.7 attempts to give up smoking, that’s quite a few tries and when you take into account all the unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions from last year, you can imagine the cynicism for those trying to tick smoking off their bad habit list. This number has the potential to move down the more that people turn to vaping as a smoking cessation tool. There are a wide range of reasons for this, and the more that you explore vaping, the more you’ll realise how great an alternative it is. Whether you’re planning to use it as an alternative nicotine intake, or you’re looking to give up altogether, here are the reasons why vaping could help you with that pesky and often unfulfilled new year’s resolution.

Vaping contains almost no harmful chemicals

The only potentially harmful chemical found in vape juice is formaldehyde, and that is in trace levels that are no more abundant than what you would breathe in on a day outside. Tobacco smoke is known to contain over 400 different toxic chemicals, of which 40 are carcinogenic. This is more than enough reason to consider e cig liquid over tobacco.

Vaping is far cheaper

E liquid flavours come in a range of price brackets and the cheapest can be as little as £3 per 10 ml bottle. After the initial investment in a vape device, which can cost as little as a pack of cigarettes anyway, you’ll be looking at £5 a pop for your weekly vape intake. With the hiking up of tobacco prices, now is a better time than any to switch to vaping.

Vaping is far less likely to cause a fire

Vaping uses heat not burn technology, meaning that there are no flames used in its combustion. This makes it far safer than smoking, a cigarette having the potential to cause deadly fires. Whilst you need to keep an eye on the charging of your vape device, the vape is far less likely to cause the damage that fires can.

Vaping is far more environmentally friendly

Vaping causes a lot less pollution than tobacco smoke, not only in that its heat not burn technology emits water vapour instead of smoke, but in the way that its containers are less wasteful than tobacco packs. Vape bottles are often reusable and refillable, giving you the opportunity to use your resources wisely.

Vaping causes no passive smoke

There is next to no pollution from your vape exhale. THis makes it far less harmful to those around you on the outbreath, especially if vaping around children. There is no chance of inhaling any of the nicotine either, most of it absorbed by you when you inhale it.

There are lots of nicotine levels

On the subject of nicotine, those who are trying to cull their addiction completely have the freedom to choose the concentration of nicotine at which they vape. With concentrations ranging from 3 mg to 20 mg in pre filled bottles, you can even choose nicotine free vape juices, giving you the chance to gradually wean yourself off the chemical completely.

Vaping is far more inclusive

Look at your closest vape shop. The environment in these establishments are almost always friendly, inclusive and supportive, whilst the forums, competitions and culture surrounding vaping makes it far easier for you to feel like you’re part of something, rather than what can often feel like exclusion with smoking.

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