Rebuildable mods are devices we use throughout the day. Like with anything we use throughout the day, we need to ensure that we keep it in good condition.

Every now and again, you’ll need to give your car a clean, or your bedroom a tidy. With frequent use comes increased attention. This is the same with your vape device. If you’re an everyday vaper, you’ll want to keep those vape flavours nice and fresh, and this will mean cleaning the parts every now and again. However, there are times when your vape device might start to smell, regardless of whether it’s been cleaned or not.

This can be quite annoying, especially if you’ve put your time and effort into giving your vape device a deep clean, the basic instructions for which can be found below.

Cleaning your vape device

Rebuildable vape devices are quite easy to clean, especially if you’re used to swapping and changing components already.

First off, take off all the parts of your vape device. This should include the atomizer, the tank, coil and atomizer. Take each part of the device and place it in a bowl of warm water to cleanse it. Alternatively, add it to soapy water, ethanol or high concentrated alcohol for a deeper clean. Dry off the parts of your device and refit the pieces.

If you want to go a step further in cleaning your vape device, then take a cotton swab and thoroughly scrape out any remaining gunk left in your tank. In most cases, this should stop your tank from smelling again for a while.

Your tank still smells

So, you’ve given your vape device a clean, but not long later, sure enough, your tank begins to smell again. There is a wide range of reasons for this, some of them a lot simpler than others. Below are some of them.

Not cleaning your tank between switching flavours

One way to increase the chances of a bad smelling vape tank is to neglect to clean out your tank between switching flavours.

Whether you’ve just been on a TPD clearance bargain hunt or you’ve just invested in some boutique vape liquids, each one will have a different balance of chemicals that weren’t necessarily supposed to be mixed.

Whilst the same ingredients can be found inside all good e liquids, different flavourings can mix together if dregs have been left in the tank, creating unprecedented smells. To lessen the chance of unwanted tank smells, give your cartridge or receptacle a clean in between each flavour change.

Worn out coil

Coils don’t last forever. When they begin to oxidize due to their prolonged exposure to heat, they can begin to create a burnt taste on your vape inhale. This is worsened by their lessened effectiveness in vaporizing vape juice, some of it solidifying on the coil instead of vaporizing. This buildup of gunk can lead to a bad smelling vape tank.

Not cleaning often enough

There’s a simple solution to this one: Clean your tank more regularly! Vape tanks need to be cleaned around once a week, and it’s surprising how few vapers follow through with this. It’s not just for bad smells either, a dirty vape device can decrease in its effectiveness as well.

Low-quality vape juice

Low-quality vape juices can often come with a chemical or synthetic taste. This should be easy enough to spot and will, of course, begin to affect the smell as well as the taste of your vape juice. At No1 E Juice, we are proud to sell only the highest quality vape juice , which at least rules out our products!

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