There’s little we hate more than when our e cigarettes don’t work. Here’s the lowdown on one fo the biggest problems vapers face.

Despite the fact that vape devices are easy and safe to use, there can sometimes be slight hiccups in their smooth running. Whether it’s a low battery or a leaky tank, there’s always a problem which will have you running back to your local vape shop for a re-up on your kit. One problem which plagues the everyday vaper is the curse of the burnt taste.

Picture this; you’re happily vaping on your new high PG strawberry and marshmallow flavour on your best E Cig. The smooth flavours allow you to truly relax and the exhale makes such a huge vape cloud, you can’t even see your hands. Then suddenly a bitter flavour enters your mouth and your gagging and spluttering, your lungs filling with a terrible burnt taste which has you throwing down your vape in shock. Yes, it’s the dreaded burnt taste and no, this isn’t vapers tongue affecting your taste buds, this is the vape device itself. Every now and again vapers will experience a burning taste in their vape juice. There are several reasons for this and they can be easily rectified.

Adjusting your power settings

One of the main problems that may have you facing a burnt taste in your vape is that your power settings are too high for your coil and vape device to handle. The fact is that whilst it’s great to have adjustable power settings in your vape device, it’s also true that some of the power settings available could be too powerful for your coil, mouthpiece, charging device or vape juice. This could very well be the cause of the burning taste you are feeling. The solution is to adjust your power settings and turn down the wattage on your device, leaving you with plain sailing and smooth vaping the whole tank through.

Culprit in the juice

Have you turned down your power settings and still getting that dreaded burnt taste? The problem may not be in the device itself but in the vape juice. Vape juices come in a ratio of PG to VG; that’s a varying mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. The latter is responsible for the flavour of the juice, whilst the Propylene Glycol produces more vapour. Over time, most vapers will develop a preference on the various ratio balances and finding the right one for you is vital, especially if you are to avoid those harsher burning throat hits. The problem here is that a higher VG juice will be thicker, so if you want to avoid those harsher hits then balance out those ratios.

Temperature control

Some people like a hotter throat hit. Temperature control settings and the narrowing of your air way can lead to vast differences in your vape temperature. If it’s too hot, this can lead to burning throat hits from your vape. Whilst not all vape devices will come with temperature control settings, the more complex devices will, letting you really control the heat of your device.

Toil in the coil

One of the main and most common reasons for a burning hit on your vape is often from the coil itself. Whether this is due to it being an old coil or faulty, is another question, but the coil, as the area where heat travels through in your device, can often burn out and should be replaced regularly. A burnt out coil depends on the material, length and age of the coil and is a signifier that you should probably replace it.

To defend against burnt coils, try priming it. After installing your coil, fill your tank with e liquid and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that and beginning at the lowest power setting, take a few puffs of your vape device and start upping the power settings until you find the balance which suits you. This will give you a great idea of your preferences as a vaper and will stop any nasty burning tastes. We all want to know where our sweet spot is, and taking a little time out to find our own will up your vape game to the next level.

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