Vaping is finally catching up with smoking in terms with popularity.

That can only be a good thing. With so many people in the world addicted to smoking and many in the UK still believing that vaping is just as bad, the vaping industry must be doing something right to convert so many people to the far safer heat not burn option. With the UK becoming one of the leading countries in the vaping industry, you can find a wide range of vape juice and device shops across the country. With London’s streets lined with TPD clearance sales, what have the latest studies told us about the vape industry, and what does it mean for the future of the e cigarette?

What do the studies say?

A UK based public health charity named ASH claimed that between the year of 2017 and 2018, there has been a ten percent rise in the number of vapers in the country. These results were published as part of a survey of 12,000 adults and has led to several MP’s and health experts reflecting on the relationship between healthcare and vaping. One issue people are exploring, is whether vaping should be allowed on public transport, as well as healthcare officials considering placing prescriptions on vape devices as a smoking cessation tool.

Why are people turning to vaping?

So, what is leading people away from tobacco and towards the way of the vape? Just a decade ago, vaping was nowhere near as popular as it is today, so what has changed in the public consciousness.

It is an enjoyable experience

11 percent of the ASH survey takers said that they began vaping because they enjoyed it. This isn’t surprising, what with the wide range of tasty vape juices and enticing devices, there’s plenty to make vaping more returnable than smoking.

Saves money

10 percent of survey takers turned to vaping due to the money it would save them. With the rising prices of tobacco due to the TPD laws, vaping is simply becoming the more affordable option for many.

To kick the tobacco habit

It’s all too evident that the rise in vaping is in part due to the ever-strengthening evidence against smoking. 62 percent of the people who took the ASH survey said that they started vaping to kick their tobacco habit. It’s all too hard to deny nowadays, and with even the last year seeing the London Fire Department and Cancer Research UK become advocators of vaping, the evidence is easily available to the public and vape companies advertised all too much to ignore.

What does this tell us about the vaping market in the UK?

One thing’s for certain, the vaping market is changing for the better and as evidence against smoking becomes even clearer, more and more smokers are getting the message. This means that as more people who are ex-smokers turn to vaping, companies are going to have to up their game to keep up with the market and ever-changing demands of their customers.

This will mean more competition, more creative devices and more interesting flavours hitting the market, and with tobacco giants such as Phillip Morris now deciding to cut down their tobacco products in favour of the heat not burn device, there’ll be even more competition. Whilst this may be great for snowballing technology, it might also mean that independent vape companies will be in trouble, but only time will tell. Right now, it’s only a ten percent rise in vaping, but if that trend keeps moving for the next half a decade, we could be looking at a smoke free nation by 2028!

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