Where Not to Vape

You’re not in Kansas anymore, vape veterans. Whilst some countries have embraced the new and exciting trend of vaping, others have given it a rather frosty welcome into mainstream culture. These are places where you should think twice before packing it in your hand luggage, and where you could even end up in a prison cell for carrying one. Whilst the reasons for this are varied and the punishments wide ranging for not just selling but for using e cigs, it’s always good to know which countries frown upon and enforce strict no vaping policies. Below are the top contenders for rigid no vaping laws. Don’t expect an e liquid sale here, these countries will take yours and then make you pay for it.

Hong Kong

With fines of up to 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, this independent state of China is one fo the strictest countries in the world when it comes to vaping. This is especially surprising as the Chinese practically invented the modern e cigarette when scientist Hon Lik created the template for what is now known as the cigalike. Whilst there is no prison sentence in Hong Kong, the fines for getting caught vaping can be incredibly severe and definitely not worth the risk.


Vaping has not been permitted in the United Arab Emirates, where there are strict laws against any form of drug or intoxicant due to the widespread implementation of Shariah Law. Dubai has been particularly infamous for confiscating devices even whilst travelling.

That being said, the state of Dubai has finally decided to allow vaping as of April 2019. In part, this is because of the mass of international travellers in the area. Whether this change in the law will spread to other parts of the UAE is unclear, but at least the soon to be opened market in Dubai will begin to turn the tide.


This Indian state has gained notoriety in the country in regard to its handling of vaping. The large state in northern India is well known for large jail sentences and hefty fines for anyone caught vaping. Punjabi deems vaping to be addictive and dangerous, being particularly worried that children and young adults will start vaping. Of course, the evidence on hand suggests that less young people vape without having been smokers first, and the fact that smoking is still legal in the country makes the law rather paradoxical.


The vaping laws in Thailand mean that you could land up to ten years in prison for vaping. Perhaps even worse, police officers have been known to extort money from unwitting travellers caught with the devices. Whether it lands you a fine or a few nights in prison, the enforcing of these laws is often unpredictable, some people not getting noticed at all for it. One thing’s for sure, it’s not worth the risk!

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